And they’re off! Julia Testa Works With G.H. Mumm for the Kentucky Derby

The 2015 Kentucky Derby is kicking off the month of May this year, and the Julia Testa team is off and running!

We’ve been working on a lot of brand promotions this year so far, and we were thrilled to take on another project dear to the hearts of all rose-lovers: champagne. One of our best clients, Pernod Ricard, makes an exquisite champagne called G.H. Mumm, which will take center stage at this year’s Kentucky Derby as the Official Champagne. G.H. Mumm will be a featured part of victory celebrations following stakes races and big events at the derby this year.

G.H. Mumm will be highly prominent at the race, so Pernod Ricard came to us for derby-themed floral arrangements. The company wanted to showcase their brand as the Icon of Victory at the 2015 derby. They were in good hands right from the start. When we think of victory, the first thing that flashes to mind is bright, vibrant red, so we started with that.


When we craft a floral arrangement, it’s important that we not only consider the flowers themselves, but also the equally important setting – the vase and any embellishments used. It should tie together the arrangement without overpowering the flowers. For Pernod Ricard, we went with trumpet vases because the shape reminded us so much of champagne flutes. Structurally speaking, we wanted to maintain our “champagne” theme, so we kept the arrangements tight and small on top of the vases, like celebratory bubbles.


For the flowers, we went with our first instinct and stuck with red, using anthurium flowers in the tall bar pieces and gerbera daisies in the smaller ones to connote both the red sash prominent in G.H. Mumm’s branding and the importance of red roses in the history of the Kentucky Derby. Finally, we used small, elegant golden horses galloping across the smaller bar pieces, doing our best to capture the image of horses racing through the wheatgrass.


We were so pleased to be a part of G.H. Mumm’s special event, the first of many victories that will be happening as the 2015 Kentucky Derby unfolds. Will you be watching the Derby? We sure will! We’ve got a horse in this race – several golden ones, in fact!

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