American Airlines Hires Julia Testa to Install Two Living Walls in SoHo

When it comes to humongous, in-depth projects, the Julia Testa team is your go-to — or at least, we’re American Airlines’.

The Julia Testa team took our event decor work to the metaphorical skies when the airline giant hired us to do a mammoth build-out for a celebration they were hosting for a new restaurant. The event wasn’t held in the new restaurant — instead, they wanted us to create an entirely new, jungle-themed habitat in SoHo for their all-out bash.

American Airlines rented a space for 20 days for the event. The Julia Testa team had just one day to create the two giant walls, 15 feet by 8 feet. American Airlines built the bars, the lighting and the furniture themselves in 16 days. It was crazy inspiring!

For those keeping track at home, that’s 120 square feet per wall for our team — the size of some tiny houses.

While that number is small by housing standards, it’s huge acreage for floral arrangements. We had to use a whopping 800 bricks of oasis foam to build the walls. We had to soak the oasis foam in baby pools — there was way too much for buckets to be a practical solution, even though that’s what we usually use.

It was a Julia Testa team project, supersized. It took us around 10,000 stems of greenery and tropical greens to cover all that space.

The walls were supposed to look alive, like thick, overgrown jungle territory. By the end of it, even we were starting to feel a little wild.

American Airlines was super excited with the way we handled the event. Our walls made the guests feel immersed in the event’s theme, and we can’t wait until the next time we get to work with a giant like American Airlines — or even just until our next giant project.