Corporate Holiday Tree and Decor Set-Up

This holiday season has been busy for us. With the opening of our Soho location and getting use to our retail space, we have been involved with the continuation of growing the company and making a staple for ourselves. Besides floral designs, we also love working with corporate businesses and home decor aspects. Around the holiday season especially, Christmas decor is necessary. Of course, if your from New York, you know that we have the best Christmas decor. Numerous hotels, corporate buildings, residences, and restaurants... everyone is in need of a Christmas tree or holiday decor around the holidays. That’s where we come in!

Our team specializes in delivering, decorating and breaking down of holiday decor! This year especially, we have worked with many Christmas tree installations for our trusted clients. Every tree is catered to the client’s preference, whether it be size, style, color etc. Goes along with every specific clients holiday decor- wreaths, garlands, hanging ornaments, lights and so on. There's nothing more exciting than being apart of the beautiful holiday decor in New York City around the holidays.