Flowers Aren't the Only Thing Budding This Season

Julia Testa wasn’t going to announce she was pregnant to the public, considering it personal, and not really relevant to her work as founder and leader of her always-growing NYC floral design company. That is, until her third-trimester baby bump got *ahem* a bit too serious not to acknowledge.

Getting pregnant while running a successful, dynamic, and often taxing business wasn’t something Julia, or her husband Keith, jumped into blindly. They understood the time, energy, and bandwidth required of impending parenthood, and the physical and often fast-paced nature of Julia’s work.

But, with a staff of 18 people, and iron-clad processes built to accommodate the businesses’ often 2- to 3- events-a-day schedule, the success of a Julia Testa floral installation has long since been dependent on Julia’s physical presence or capacity at an event’s venue or in either of her two retail storefronts.

|  “It’s been over 2 years since I’ve been on a ladder, and we’ve executed our best work yet,” Julia explains.  |

Although she prides herself on how involved she is in her work, from executing 5-figure contracts with some of the most recognized businesses and brands to literally helping sweep the floors at night, she’s built a business that can execute at the highest level together as a team, rather than just a one-person show, making pregnancy and motherhood a realistic option for her.

“I feel like I raised my first two kids–the SoHo and Brooklyn stores–to the point of grown-up self-sufficiency, so now it’s time to raise my first (human) baby,” Julia jokes. And having a supportive husband ready to fill in wherever the couple might need–from diaper duty to in-store backup on their busiest days–made the choice even easier.


Julia Testa and her husband Keith on Valentine's Day


But, despite all readiness and preparation for pregnancy, Julia didn’t know what to expect from the experience. Pregnancy is incredibly unique, with every woman fairing differently through the process. Luckily for Julia, however, she’s had it easy. “I haven’t been sick and I haven’t had to slow down.” Julia describes,

|  “My pregnancy is not the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”  |


In fact, she and her team have tackled some of the biggest projects in the company’s history over the past 8 months.

From custom floral installations for Heineken, Loreal, and The Players Club to storefront displays for Banana Republic and Something Navy; product displays for Olay and Huere Ageless; and countless jaw-dropping weddings, private events, restaurants, and venue designs, Julia Testa and her team have been thriving–her pregnancy not a limiting factor for their next-level execution and success.


Custom cake by @pollycooks 


We know what you’re thinking… “So this really won't affect my upcoming event, installation, or floral design project?”

We get it. You only want the best for your big day or your carefully curated event. But, we can’t say it with more confidence—the Julia Testa team is chock-full of skilled designers, artists, and crafters, and the processes built on years of experience ensure each Julia Testa design is executed at the highest level. Every event, installation, and design project is a team effort, and has been for a long time.

Illustrating the power of her employees, processes, and leadership, the Julia Testa team just crossed the finish line of their busiest holiday, Valentine’s Day (AKA the Super Bowl of the floral industry). In just 14 days the team filled over 1400 online orders and deliveries, in addition to stocking their blooming in-store bouquet walls for their two locations, demonstrating the incredible things they’re capable of, together—a message that Julia is extra grateful to deliver this year.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day a little late this year? Stop by and pick out a belated bouquet for the special someone in your life today!