Halloween Skeletons Climbing the SoHo Store Building!

When you have a brick and mortar storefront in a neighborhood like SoHo, you are provided with so many opportunities to be a part of the community, and especially, the festivities. This Halloween, the Julia Testa SoHo store participated in one of the most iconic neighborhood festivities, the Halloween Parade and community trick-or-treating.

In the spooky “spirit” of the holiday, Julia Testa spray painted life-size skeletons with vibrant, metallic silver, suspending them from various places around the SoHo store. With each of the iridescent skeletons arranged in various positions, the effect incited interaction and child-like exploration with the display.

In addition to people stopping by the store on their way to the parade, the Julia Testa team handed out candy to all the passersby - the children and the young at heart. Because in our opinion, nothing says, “Happy Halloween” better than a handful of fun-sized Snickers bars.