Monthly Plant Service for Orchids or Amaryllis

What better way to brighten up your office or home in the wintertime than with a fresh orchids or amaryllis?  Julia Testa can provide monthly deliveries in the form of seasonal plants for much less than you think! When you sign up for a three month contract, we provide free delivery and a discounted price as well. 

Orchids can add in a delicate, inviting flair to your business, and our spas and offices are loving them. We can even add in holiday touches like branches, evergreens, or holiday decor to brighten up the room. The same goes for our amaryllis planters, which is most often considered the Christmas Flower since it blooms so well in the wintertime. 

You can choose anything from a single stem to a giant 10 stem statement piece. If you’re looking for something even more elaborate, we can do that too! Just give us a call and one of our experienced designers can guide you through the planning process. We’d love to assist in finding your business or home the perfect accent plant to bring joy to you and your visitors.