Opening Day in Soho

What an eventful day for our team and for the community at our new Julia Testa Soho Location. All the hard work put into this location had finally come together all in this one day. Inventory was stocked, plants were planted and our lovely flower wall was entirely filled with fresh beautiful bouquets for all our customers. We wanted to bring the people in to celebrate with us for the opening of our Manhattan location, so we came up with a design concept for the outside. After having a discussion with our landlord (what a wonderful human being), We got approval to climb the fire escapes to create this wonderful balloon installation outdoors on a surprising sunny and warm day!

Focusing on the color scheme of the “Julia Testa” brand, we used black, magenta, purples, red and hints of light pink. Working with approximately five hundred balloons and a staff of ten, we managed to get our masterpiece up and ready to go just in time for opening! We weren’t sure how it was all going to turn out, but definitely made a statement for those walking done Prince, Spring and ofcourse Thompson Street. 

Throughout the day, the community was extremely welcoming. Having friends, family and all the people passing by, we felt overly loved and appreciated by everyone. For that is the best feeling!