Our First Valentine's Day at Our Soho Location

Starting off the year on a high streak, we knew we needed to do something extra special for our very first Valentine's day in Soho. It started off in September of this year that doing outdoor installations and fun interactive aspects in front of our shop soon became “our thing” on Thompson.

We planned early on for Valentine's Day preparations, not knowing what was to come, and we wanted to make sure that we were more than prepared for all our customers! One of the fun installations we did outdoors, starting about 5 days prior to Valentine's Day, was creating a kissing booth! We designed our booth to almost resemble a bus stop with a clear plexi backdrop, with the word “KISS” in hot pink- along with that we included a handmade bench for anyone who walked by to sit and take a photo. It was almost a nice little attraction for those walking down the street that day!

Along with that, being that fashion week is about a week apart from Valentines day, we wanted to incorporate a design concept in our window that pleased both. We purchased a mannequin dressmaker form to create a dress made out of silk flowers in the common valentine's day colors, red and pink. With most things you haven't done before and are trying for the first time, you never know how it will come out. This was a project for sure, creating a life size dress made up of silk flowers. Two days later, we finished and placed “her” in the window. It was certainly a show stopper piece and came out better than we expected. Goes without saying, you never know how something will turn out unless you try it!

Julia Testa