Prepping For Valentine's Day

As a florist, Valentine’s Day is always one of the biggest and busiest days of the year. We had to prepare for months to have everything ready. We have to stock not only flowers, but plants, vases, gifts, candies, and more! All of this planning requires a dedicated team, and the Julia Testa team worked together as one for the yearly challenge.


Seasonal flowers are such a big part of any holiday at a florist, but wintertime isn’t the best time for every variety of flower. Julia Testa works with growers around the world to find the highest quality flowers every time. We receive tulips from Holland, ranunculus from Japan, and wildflowers from garden centers around America. Of course, we love using local blooms too, and do so when the season is right! 

We also had to prep our entirely new floral collection “Velvet” with a team of professional photographers and lighting studio. This ensured that our arrangements looked just as beautiful online as they do in the shop.

Julia Testa