Soho Spring Window Display

The weather is finally getting warmer and everyone is getting out of that cold winter funk! Our store always changes to the season. It's actually nice to reflect back on what we have done in store for all the holidays and seasons. Spring is actually pretty exciting in a flower shop, we know that the flowers will be prettier and better looking with the coming warmer weather!

Julia Testa Soho

Discussing the design concept for our “spring window”, we knew we wanted the window to say SPRING right when you look into. Silk flowers aren’t our favorite to use, but we knew that for this window we would be designing with fake flowers in various colors!

Julia Testa

With over a hundred silk flowers, we created a platform where we could cascade the flowers up on the side of the wall to the top of the ceiling. We received many compliments and most people thought the flowers themselves were real! We kept it up longer than expected because it ended up being such a beautiful statement for the warmer season approaching. 

Julia Testa Soho