“What do you love most about your mom?”

One of the best parts about having a store in SoHo is the opportunity it affords to interact with the community around Julia Testa. This Mother's Day, the store featured an outdoor installation with the intention of bringing people together in gratitude for the wonderful women in their lives.

The Julia Testa team created a large chalkboard booth outside its doors, posing the question, “What do you love most about your mom?” to the neighborhood. The booth encouraged all passersby to freely write on the board the sentiments not as frequently or explicitly expressed. 

Throughout the day, people passed by the booth with smiles, reaching for the markers and adding their notes of affection and love for their moms, filling the board with, “she always makes sure I’m happy,” “she’s beautiful,” “she’s strong,” and even, “everything.”

It’s in small acts like the Mother's Day installation that the Julia Testa designers get to see first hand the impact that expressing sentiments can have on people. Whether it be words on a chalkboard or a through gifting a bouquet of flowers, telling the people that mean the most to you that they’re loved and appreciated, is always a worthwhile endeavor.