What Motivates You? Noosa Event


In April, we worked with Noosa for a “What Motivated You?” conference event. For those who aren’t familiar with Noosa, it is a yoghurt known for its finest ingredients. They focus on using clean water, non GMO products, recycled boxes and using natural wild honey. 


The event was based around woman who had a discussion with others in the industry about what motivates them and what makes their product great to keep you motivated. We discussed cocktail floral arrangements and large stage arrangements for the start of the event. Designed with peaches, greens, purples and blues to incorporate their colors of the yoghurts themselves. 

In addition, we were able to have some fun putting together a chalkboard booth for them with the question “what motivates you?” Everyone was able to write on the board explaining those things that motivates them  which was a nice little additive for everyone to get involved and have a little bit of fun!