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Private Event at VIP Country Club

Friday, January 6, 2017 12:05 pm

There’s nothing we love more than the holidays — except for holiday parties, of course! Everyone's relaxed and in a good mood, the bubbly is going around like spring water and this time of year allows for even more sparkly and fun decor than usual — and sparkle and fun are part of the package when the Julia Testa team gets an invite.

Every year, we do the party decor for one of our favorite engineering firms in Manhattan. The owner gives us a ton of creative freedom and lets us work our magic on the whole scene, so naturally, we always look forward to working with them. Since they're an engineering firm, we wanted their party to have a constructed, purposeful look, and we ended up making two designs.

The first design featured custom-built boxes dripping with red sparkles. We filled the boxes with California manzanita branches and wet oasis flower foam so it looked like the box was so full of flowers they were cascading out. We topped the whole thing with a huge bow so it looked like a giant gift before weaving in more flowers, like juniper, incense cedar, hydrangea, roses and orchids, to the tops of the branches to draw the eye upward.

The second design started with a wood frame and chicken wire — much more sturdy than if we'd simply designed a dish. Plus, it let us weave in more flowers and oasis. On top of that, we elevated a smaller dish on top of the whole thing to give it a multitiered look.

We filled the chicken wire cages with red roses — made to look like a bed — green dianthus and noble fir to wreath around the bed, and spray roses and amaryllis to complement it. The poles that elevated the upper dishes were covered with sparkles to match the first design and tie the whole party together.

We love working with this client, and they were absolutely thrilled with the way the room looked come party time!