Calvin Klein’s New “Deep Euphoria” Fragrance Launch


You know Calvin Klein’s “Euphoria” as soon as it meets your nose: It’s lush, resplendent with pomegranates and lotus blossoms, finishing with seductive black orchid and mahogany. As florists, our noses are especially tuned to such exquisite blends.


Luckily for us, we got to work with Calvin Klein when they released their latest edition to signature fragrance “Deep Euphoria:” “Euphoria’s” sexier, darker cousin, fronted by Australian beauty Margot Robbie. “Deep Euphoria” presents with notes of dark rose, rich and sensual, and that’s exactly what Calvin Klein came to us looking for. Black Magic roses are the scent behind Deep Euphoria, and luckily for CK, we have them by the bouquet. They wanted us to create arrangements for them primarily featuring Black Magic roses for a showcase event.


We created classic rose arrangements with just Black Magic roses, using Julia Testa’s signature hand-tied style, before teaming them with other, identical arrangements in different heights to add texture to the table. The tiered look gave the traditional bouquet of roses new life and added an aura of luxury to the evening. Every table setting was complete with one Black Magic rose, tied with a deep black-and-red ribbon and spritzed lightly with Deep Euphoria. The evening was absolutely dripping with deep, velvety tones and Calvin Klein’s showstopper fragrance.


This was our first event working with Calvin Klein, and we loved getting to put our signature, hand-tied touch on an event for them. They manage to both push the envelope and stay relevant without losing their identity as a classic, timeless fashion and lifestyle name. We hope to do the same: the Julia Testa brand is about bringing whimsy and bold new ideas to classic events and product lines without skipping a beat, and we feel we did just that working with Calvin Klein’s team.