Calvin Klein’s New “Deep Euphoria” Fragrance Launch


You know Calvin Klein’s “Euphoria” as soon as it meets your nose: It’s lush, resplendent with pomegranates and lotus blossoms, finishing with seductive black orchid and mahogany. As florists, our noses are especially tuned to such exquisite blends.


Luckily for us, we got to work with Calvin Klein when they released their latest edition to signature fragrance “Deep Euphoria:” “Euphoria’s” sexier, darker cousin, fronted by Australian beauty Margot Robbie. “Deep Euphoria” presents with notes of dark rose, rich and sensual, and that’s exactly what Calvin Klein came to us looking for. Black Magic roses are the scent behind Deep Euphoria, and luckily for CK, we have them by the bouquet. They wanted us to create arrangements for them primarily featuring Black Magic roses for a showcase event.


We created classic rose arrangements with just Black Magic roses, using Julia Testa’s signature hand-tied style, before teaming them with other, identical arrangements in different heights to add texture to the table. The tiered look gave the traditional bouquet of roses new life and added an aura of luxury to the evening. Every table setting was complete with one Black Magic rose, tied with a deep black-and-red ribbon and spritzed lightly with Deep Euphoria. The evening was absolutely dripping with deep, velvety tones and Calvin Klein’s showstopper fragrance.


This was our first event working with Calvin Klein, and we loved getting to put our signature, hand-tied touch on an event for them. They manage to both push the envelope and stay relevant without losing their identity as a classic, timeless fashion and lifestyle name. We hope to do the same: the Julia Testa brand is about bringing whimsy and bold new ideas to classic events and product lines without skipping a beat, and we feel we did just that working with Calvin Klein’s team.

Miu Miu Perfume Launch Custom Made by Julia Testa


Julia Testa’s imagination is the powerhouse engine behind the Julia Testa Company. Usually, it’s reined in by clients’ expectations and the many deadlines the Julia Testa team has to keep up with. You can only imagine, though, what might happen if Julia’s imagination was allowed to run wild…


We didn’t have to imagine anymore after Miu Miu called us to do a product promotion for their new scent. Scents are already one of our favorite things to work with because their light, feminine nature and emphasis on the senses parlay so well into our home turf — flowers. This time, we outdid ourselves in every way, and we can’t be more grateful to Miu Miu for giving us both the opportunity and the free creative rein.

The project started off at a high price point and a very, very custom feel. It only got more exclusive as Julia and the team kept brainstorming. No one was there to stop them and Miu Miu just kept saying yes!


The team started with pedestals in different sizes, color-matched to show the client. One of their major goals was not to overwhelm the perfume bottle, which wasn’t large, so we had to keep our project small, yet lavish. The pedestal played into that — we wanted it to feel unexpected and give the bottles an elevated touch.


Normally, when we work with promotions, we end up creating elaborate pieces with flowers and colors splashing all over the eye, but this time, we knew we had to work small, so most of our creativity went towards engineering the packaging that would tie the whole thing together. It would be the first thing to meet the clients’ eye, so we had to take every care to make sure it came together as we wanted it to.


We filled empty Miu Miu perfume bottles with lily of the valley from Holland — a delicate stem that packs a decadent scent — and attached the bottles to the pedestals. The whole thing went inside custom Plexiglass boxes designed by our team and their exacting eye: we didn’t want any seams, hinges, clips, or anything else that might take away from the product. We wanted to use glass, but we couldn’t; the high-quality bags that Miu Miu wanted us to use wouldn’t have been able to take its weight.

Along with our promotional packaging, Miu Miu sent a thick press book and a press kit along with every luxurious bag. All told, the perfumes arrived at their destinations in one of the most posh, glamorous packaging sets we’ve ever seen, let alone had the opportunity to create. Working with projects like Miu Miu’s lights our creative fires; it stokes the engine and keeps us raring to go for more.

Dial Soap Selects Julia Testa To Promote Their New Bodywash


These days, here in the studio, we usually find ourselves working away on promotional branding or packaging for our favorite fashion brands, staying up to all hours to make sure we get it right. We love doing fashion brands, and we’ve been doing them for a long time. We know exactly what fashion brands hope for from their branding work.


So you can imagine how surprised and flattered we were when a household name like Dial Soap approached us for some promotional work! We’d never worked with anyone like them before, so we were excited to take on a fresh challenge (pardon the pun.)


We were glad to get the job because, as it turned out, as soon as we determined the color palette, everything about the work fell into place seemingly on its own. We wanted to work with hot pink and bold blue, using custom-crafted boxes that would hold the product, a smooth, fragrant body wash called Silk and Magnolia. The boxes themselves were hot pink, and, to incorporate the blue, we tied a silk ribbon around the box, right in the middle (silk was fitting, we thought.)


For the flowers inside the boxes that wrapped themselves around the vibrant bottles, we decided to use softer pink tones to bring out the feminine feel Dial wanted to put out. We used blush roses and added some vining magnolias to add a little texture. Finito! We were finished.


One of the things we’re proudest of here at the Julia Testa Company is our ability to take on any project and see it through to the client’s happiness, even if it’s not something we’ve worked with before. It reminds us that every client is different and no two jobs should be treated the same. We felt really good about our Dial project. Working with a household brand like them was new for us, which is always exciting.

Narciso Promotes New Perfume with a Julia Testa Floral Gift Box

Full disclosure: we know we do good work here at Julia Testa, and we know it’s uncommon to have both an artful eye for arrangements and decor and the follow-through it takes to exceed client expectations. It’s always nice to get a reminder that we’re doing a good job, though, and that’s exactly what happened when the arrangements we put together for fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez garnered A LOT of fabulous press.

Seven different magazines got hold of our project, including Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Latina Magazine, Elysee Magazine, and, yes…Time Magazine.

The coolest part of this project were the clear plexiglass boxes we custom-designed to house the perfume – and our gorgeous arrangements, of course. It was designed to look like it had no hinges and very clean seams – like it was created to be a treasure chest for the perfume, which, of course, it was. We also put a clear plexiglass frame in the middle, like a bed for the perfume, so it wouldn’t shift during transport. When the editors received the box, it was clear what it was. They could see directly through to the product without disturbing our arrangements, no messy opening needed.

For the arrangements themselves, we stuck with a natural, neutral theme. We used tan Sahara spray roses, Creama kiss peach roses, brown orchid wood, bush ivy leaves and berries, white ginestra and birch wood.

We absolutely loved doing this project for Naciso, and not just because of the media attention it garnered – although that certainly was a bonus. We can’t wait for our next project!

Shiseido’s Holiday Party At The Brooklyn Museum


The holiday season is one of our favorite times of year here at Julia Testa. The snow is flying, there’s a festive thrill in the air, and we find ourselves challenged with many unique and gorgeous holiday project ideas, like the holiday party we threw for Shiseido.


Shiseido wanted their party to feel high-end and sophisticated while avoiding being too “in-your-face”. They wanted their decor to feel understated but elegant. They came to the right place: classic and subtle is a Julia Testa staple.

We made 32 handcrafted custom weeping eucalyptus wreaths in oasis foam. The wreaths alone took 72 hours to make because we had to painstakingly insert each eucalyptus tip. The tips can be as fine and delicate as twigs, so it’s not hard to imagine how many of them it would have taken to make the arrangements feel as sumptuous as we wanted. (Hint: it was a lot!) When we were finished with the weeping wreaths, which came out on point, we added four dusty succulents along with some silver brunia and gold holiday ornaments to really make it pop. In the center of each wreath, we placed an ivory pillar candle in a hurricane vase to softly illuminate the whole table.


Every piece of material on the work list for the Shiseido event was decided upon for a reason. We suggested the silver brunia to add to the “rustic Brooklyn” feel of the event, which took place at the Brooklyn Museum. We also suggested the eucalyptus for the scent, since it’s relaxing and definitely “holiday” without being overpowering and distracting for the guests. The event planners at Shiseido couldn’t have been happier with how the event came together, and neither could we.

Julia Testa Designs for the Guerlain Day Spa at the Waldorf Astoria with JJB PR

When we promote a brand, we love working with clients and venues we know because it removes some of the uncertainty and gives our creative side a chance to take center stage. However, there’s something that’s just so much fun about getting to know a new brand, a new location, a new client. It’s like falling in love with someone new!


We got to fall in love with the Waldorf Astoria hotel recently, and we couldn’t be happier. We were asked to work with JJB PR and LVMH to promote Abeille Royale’s new Gold Eyetech line, which recently crafted a high-tech eye smoothing serum to erase wrinkles and give the appearance of a good night’s sleep. (If there’s one thing New York women know, it’s that looking good and feeling good are often one and the same!)


A select group of beauty editors were invited to the Guerlain Spa in the Waldorf Astoria to experience Guerlain’s newest skin care product launching this August called Abeille Royale Gold Eyetech. They also had the opportunity to meet and greet the Director of LVMH research for Guerlain, Dr. Bonte. JJB PR and LVMH wanted us to design and create floral arrangements that caught the eye and acknowledged the beauty and sleekness of the products’ white and gold packaging, but that didn’t take away from the rest of the event. Understated sophistication was the theme of the day, and we were more than happy to work with it.


We custom spray-painted the center arrangement to match the light matte gold branding, which we thought lent an elegance to the container and coordinated well with the packaging of the product. The flowers we used were primarily white, ivory, and cream tones to coordinate with the signage at the event. We used one of our staples, David Austin Garden Roses, along with White Dutch Peonies, White Holland Hydrangeas, White Spray Roses, and Champagne Ecuadorian Roses.


We fell in love with the Waldorf Astoria and we can’t wait for the chance to use it as a creative backdrop again. In the meantime, our arrangements for Abeille Royale’s Gold Eyetech were extremely well-received, and we couldn’t help but pat ourselves on the back for another job well done.


Elizabeth Arden Promotes “Always Red” With Julia Testa

Sometimes, working with a brand is easy. We know exactly what they want and we know exactly how to get it done, in the most original, striking, and cost-effective way. Other times, though, it involves a little more head-scratching, or, in this case, a little more time spent staring at a bottle of perfume.


Elizabeth Arden and their PR team at Lippe Taylor came to us to create a promotional arrangement for Elizabeth Arden’s new perfume, Always Red. The perfume is incredible – it’s made for the modern New York City woman, in all her sexy, sophisticated, daring glory. We know all about modern, professional New York City women, so we were excited to get started right away.


Our immediate thought was a sleek, modern gift box, but after a few samples back and forth that didn’t quite hit the spot, we knew we needed to change something up. Back to the drawing board – or, in our case, the design table – we went, armed with a bottle of perfume and the product information with which Lippe Taylor had so accommodatingly provided us.


At second glance, one of the first things that jumped out at us was the colors: Always Red’s packaging fades from black to red in a sexy, stylish way that manages to be alluring without losing any subtlety. We picked up on that and decided to use it as a foundation. We had plenty of flowers to pack our arrangements with smolder: Black Magic Roses, Black Scabiosa, and black Calla lilies faded in an ombre into Freedom roses and, finally, Bright Nina roses. We put the arrangement in a tall black box with complementing black wax paper and a big, rich red satin bow.



Revlon and Julia Testa Celebrate National Lovers’ Day


National Lovers’ Day is April 23 and we were approached by Revlon and their PR firm, Lippe Taylor, to help promote their gorgeous new collection — Sahara Escape. Revlon’s new product collection features “sun-warmed neutrals and scorching brights,” which captivated us immediately. We’re suckers for vivid color!

To celebrate on the 23rd, Revlon wanted to send roughly 30 of the top print media names a love-inspired floral arrangement to show off the brand-new Sahara Escape products, featuring four new lip glosses, four nail polishes, a bronzer, and a shadow palette, all themed around the natural beauty of the Sahara desert. With this project, inspiration hit us like a desert storm, and we were able to give Revlon’s PR team at Lippe Taylor two samples to choose from within three hours of having received the products.


We crafted our first sample in keeping with Revlon’s current ad campaign, #LoveIsOn, a sexy, flirty, modern showcase of love in red lips. We kept the colors simple and cohesive: red, black, and white, expressed with mini sweetheart roses, phalaenopsis orchids, and steel grass. We maintained an overall sleekness to keep it from looking too “Valentine’s Day.”

Our second sample looked more closely at the colors of the new products themselves rather than the colors of the ad campaign. It was more feminine and soft, either matching or complementing the colors of the makeup it featured. We used a white wooden box here, reminiscent of our Marc Jacobs project, although the Revlon arrangement called for a completely different feel: lush and soft, rather than clean and quirky. To that end, we incorporated a lot of texture and detail, working with a feminine palette of pinks, purples, peaches, creams, and reds.

Revlon chose the second sample as their favorite! The media was so thrilled to receive them on National Lovers’ Day that some of the editors, including Brides Magazine and Good Housekeeping, featured it on instagram.


Working with Revlon was something of a dream come true for Julia Testa, as the brand embodies both the nostalgia of the original red-lipped beauties and the modern trend towards bold, go-get-’em lipsticks. We can’t wait for more opportunities like this one!

Beyond Skin Deep: Flowers and Cosmetic Surgeons

The New York cosmetic surgery scene goes far beyond a steady hand with a knife. The very best doctors know how important it is to cultivate relationships with their patients that go beyond a warm bedside manner. The right floral arrangements and decor can subconsciously speak of sophistication and elegance, which hit just the right notes for an upscale doctor’s private practice.

Not only are flowers opulent and inspiring to look at, but some fragrances, such as lavender, have been proven to have a soothing effect. In fact, gorgeous, fresh flowers are so important that the best doctors make sure to have them delivered on a weekly basis. It’s so exciting to see the deliveries and help set them up!

In addition to creating an atmosphere of class, flowers can also help solidify the relationship between doctor and patient in a more personalized way. It’s easier to recover from surgery if you know your doctor cares about you. Sending flowers to patients after surgery as a “get well soon!” gift to wish them a speedy recovery and return to everyday life is an easy and thoughtful way to show just that. We do this all the time for some of Manhattan’s top surgeons and if the thank-you emails from patients are anything to go by, this service is not only extremely popular, but also touching and helpful!

Whatever the feeling of your practice – high-end, minimalistic, posh, or something else entirely – there’s a floral theme to bring it out and perk up your patients. Having flowers delivered and set up weekly can enhance a patient’s trust in you and your practice as well as help establish you as one of the finest surgeons in practice.

Expressing Emozione: Julia Testa Teams Up With Salvatore Ferragamo

We had the most exciting weekend at Julia Testa! On March 6th and 7th, our team got the opportunity to collaborate with the events team at Salvatore Ferragamo, their perfume partners Beaute Prestige International, and the visual team at Bloomingdale’s in Manhattan to launch Salvatore Ferragamo’s brand-new fragrance Emozione.


We were so proud to take part in the Emozione launch. Salvatore Ferragamo’s brand manager was equally pleased with the event, saying that “[the] event turned out to be a stunning, breath-taking introduction of the new Emozione fragrance. You really captured the essence of the brand and brought the emotion of fragrance to life with your beautiful arrangements.” We couldn’t be happier!


When our team presents a product, our focus is on capturing the essence of the product and the brand. We know that attention to detail and a keen eye are the keys to successful promotion, so the first step of our creative process is always to figure out what the brand is all about. What does it say about the person who wears it? What does the brand want to express? The Emozione fragrance is scented with Bulgarian roses and a complex blend of floral notes, connoting femininity and softness with an aura of all-encompassing luxury. Emozione was made for sophisticated, refined, sensuous women who have developed expert palettes, so Julia Testa’s ability to design on-point and harmonious floral arrangements made us the perfect partner for the job!


After a creative meeting with Bloomingdale’s and sketching out the space, we decided to fill the available arcade cubbies with soft pink and white flowers.


Then, Bloomingdale’s offered us tables. Rather than simply arranging bouquets of flowers, we decided to create a bed of flowers to make sure the arrangements didn’t obstruct the perfume bottles.


In addition to the table design, we created custom pedestals from scratch and color-matched the paint to the pantone color on the Emozione boxes.


Not only did the launch feature beautiful and fragrant flowers, but Bloomingdale’s also arranged for a live guitarist to play music during the event to draw people in. The effect of the soft colors, the gentle music, and the gorgeous flowers was immediately apparent: everyone in Bloomingdale’s gravitated towards the Emozione product display!


Our team loves to think outside the box and come up with fresh new ways to highlight and represent a brand. We are excited to have even more opportunities like this in the pipeline as word travels about our skill and artful eye for color and design.