Masterpiece Collection at Tiffany & Co. on 5th Avenue

Few brands are as iconic as New York’s Tiffany and Co. The pale blue box, promises and futures tucked, gleamingly, inside, is a part of urban folklore as dramatic and recognizable as the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty. Welcome to New York, the storefront seems to whisper, its voice cool and diamond-studded. We’ve been waiting.


So you can imagine how thrilled the Julia Testa team were to receive a Tiffany gift of our own — an offer to work with them to debut their new Masterpiece Collection. The event, held at their 5th Avenue location, was meant to introduce potential buyers to the collection, one lavish piece at a time, while they considered the purchase of each. People could sit together and discuss the individual intricacies of each creation. There were private rooms for people to sit and collect their thoughts, as well as larger rooms for them to see — and be seen.


Needless to say, everything had to be perfect. We color-blocked the rooms — 12 of them! — in deep fuchsia, dark red and deep purple to complement the jewelry and the screens set up along the walls. Tiffany and Co. had custom prints made up of the jewelry up close, and we wanted our colors to provide a lush backdrop for the stones and metalwork to shine.


The project was monumental. It called for over 30 arrangements. It was exactly the kind of challenge we relish here. The entryway piece was seven feet tall and five feet round and stood on a mirrored table to double its punch. We had to make five other pieces on site, transforming Tiffany and Co. into our workshop. We started at 5 a.m. the first day and worked straight through every day for four days afterwards, setting up and maintaining the arrangements so there wasn’t a wilt or a bud among them.


The flowers we used were as high-end as the brand we crafted for. We used Anemone, Holland Hydrangea, garden roses, spray roses, ranunculus, scabiosa, Vanda orchids, calla, snap dragon, Cymbidium orchids and Phalaenopsis orchids (for those counting at home, that’s three different types of orchids!) as well as seasonal dahlias of different sizes and colors.


This was one of two huge events Tiffany and Co. throws per year, and to be chosen to set the scene for it was a Big Deal for us. Working with iconic brands like Tiffany and Co. reaffirms our love for what we do, where we are and the people we get to meet.







Audemars Piguet launches Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Watch With Julia Testa

Although most people that hire us want our expertise on artful floral arrangements, it’s important that we get the chance to remind our clients that the Julia Testa team is made up of experts on more than just flowers. We’re passionate about crafting beautiful rooms: measuring, styling, composition, and texture. We get to know the room we’re creating and learn how to make it speak for our clients.


We got the chance to do just that a few weeks ago for our friends at Audemars Piguet, who celebrated the unveiling of a new, striking watch: the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar. The natural world was the inspiration behind it, and it’s easy to see why. The moon and stars have been keeping time for millenia, and Audemars Piguet wanted to channel their perpetual and solid nature for their newest watch collection.


They asked us to turn the Youth Center in which they were holding their event into a celestial wonderland to kick off the Royal Oak Collection. The room featured custom-built tables atop a rented carpet, turning the gymnasium into a brand-new space for just one evening. We imported specialty glass with a handmade “ombre” effect: smoked out on the bottom and clearer on the top, which we filled with water and floating different sized candles.


The watches took center stage, of course, on rented pedestals, but the rest of the room was just as striking. Furniture was rented for the lounge area and the walls were hung with artwork. Audemars Piguet also hired male models from an agency to do the serving from custom menus. The event even featured exquisite uplighting and custom projection.


This was one of the most elaborate projects we’ve gotten to take on yet and we couldn’t have been more thrilled. Working with a whole room, rather than just the floral component, is such a fun challenge and we love bringing out the brand’s personality in the form of artful decor.


Tennis & Tulips with Audemars Piguet

We’ve said before that where words stop, flowers begin, and working with brands gives us the chance to speak in many voices.

By now, our dear readers have probably figured out our passion for promotional projects already from the sheer volume of branding work we do. For us, promoting a brand isn’t just a job, it’s an opportunity for us to really tap into our creative side. It also usually means that we get lots of bright colors and fascinating people to fuel our imaginations and our passion.

Last week, we were delighted to work with the luxury timepiece extraordinary at Audemars Piguet. The family-owned watchmaking company hosted a mixed doubles virtual tennis tournament and cocktail party last Thursday in celebration of tennis champions Serena Williams and Stan Wawrinka. Audemars Piguet welcomed guests like Olivia Palermo and Jay Williams, in addition to the tennis champs.

The brand also welcomed Julia Testa in our signature fashion: floral arrangements. We were approached to create a total of thirteen arrangements to take center stage on the outdoor cocktail tables as well as the outdoor bar. We loved crafting the exquisite, yet understated displays because it gave us the chance to channel the soft-spoken class of the Audemars Piguet brand.

At the event, Serena Williams talked a little bit about her love of New York City, a love we share with her. In New York City, anything can happen. We have worked our way up, through creativity and an eye for the artful, into magical gilded venues working with beautiful, exciting people. We were so thrilled for the opportunity to work with Audemars Piguet and can’t wait to share what’s to come next!