New York Minute Films Features Julia Testa

Rachael Ray Hosts ‘Wedding In A Week’ With Julia Testa

It feels like the last few months have been a whirlwind here at Julia Testa! From our successful holiday season to our gorgeous new storefront retail home, it’s felt a little surreal, like a fairy tale right here in New York.

The magic continued when we were hired to do the floral arrangements for an episode of Rachael Ray (!) We couldn’t believe it when we got the call, but we knew we were up for the challenge.

Rachael explained that the “Wedding in a Week” segment isn’t done very often, but when a special case comes up, she still jumps at the chance – and for this special case, we got the chance to jump too.

A couple wrote in and told Rachael their story, and Rachael and company were so touched by it that they decided they had to sponsor their wedding. The bride and groom were high school sweethearts finally tying the knot, and the groom, Hunter, suffered from Stargardt’s disease, which caused his eyesight to start disintegrating at age 13.

Hunter wrote to Rachael for help getting the special glasses he would need to see his fiancee, Brittney, to propose to her on the show.

We were so honored and excited to have been chosen to craft the floral arrangements for the segment. The only flowers the show specifically asked us to use were red roses – Brittney’s favorite. We thought the bright colors might represent a slight challenge, given the teal bridesmaids’ dresses, but here at Julia Testa, making clients’ wishes come true is just another day at the office. We couldn’t wait!

We started by handcrafting a wedding arch using red, peach and pink roses, garden roses, spray roses and burgundy snapdragons, wild greenery such as ranunculus, quince, eriostemon and seeded eucalyptus, as well as antique blue hydrangea and red hanging amaranthus, to tie into Brittney’s color palette.

Then we made two four-foot-tall urns for the corners of the aisle to welcome Brittney onto the set using the same combinations. Quince is expensive, but we felt we couldn’t use anything else if we wanted to capture the wild romance and elegance of the occasion.

We only had two hours to get the arch and the urns constructed and set up perfectly. Designing a room for a crowd is one thing, but designing it for television is another! We had to make sure everything was exactly right so the viewers could share the romantic feeling.

Luckily for us, we made an extra, just-in-case floral piece, which turned out to be an absolute godsend, as it covered up a spot that otherwise might have looked bare on camera. That’s one of the things we’re really proud of: our ability to be adaptable in any situation.

In addition to the bigger pieces, we also put together five bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages for both sets of parents and the groom, a bridal bouquet, a wall floral piece, and two long trough planters.

The set ended up being absolutely breathtaking. We were so honored to be a part of Hunter and Brittney’s big day – and we can’t wait to return to Rachael’s set.

Julia Testa’s Centerpieces are Center Stage at SNL Studio

Tina Fey. Mike Meyers. Will Ferrell.

Julia Testa.


The Saturday Night Live Studio 8H has been home to countless now-classic comedy routines since its beginnings in 1975, but last Wednesday, it was the foundation upon which the Julia Testa team orchestrated some stunning floral arrangements.


NBC threw an exclusive party right in front of stand-up comedy’s most famous stage, and they called upon none other than Julia Testa to put the finishing touches on the decor. They put their heart and soul into creating the perfect sophisticated event that paid homage to the history behind Studio 8H, and we had the perfect plan up our sleeves.

We started with custom matte containers to complement the Stone Shantung linens, which were just understated enough to give us the perfect backdrop. We wanted lots of bold, vibrant colors against the monochromatics of the studio, so we filled the custom containers with deep purple hydrangea imported from South America and Holland, in addition to crimson and deep red peonies from France and Holland. To add a soft, fragrant nod to New York, we incorporated locally-grown lilacs, which blended well with our team’s favorite rose: the beautiful lavender “Ocean Song.” It was breathtaking, even by our standards, but it needed one final touch: we couldn’t let our centerpieces leave without adding deep purple phalaenopsis orchids.


The Saturday Night Live studio party was a vision. The centerpieces were beautiful, and the tall, elegant bar decor set off the cool, downtown vibe NBC was going for. Even the lighting worked to accent the colors in our arrangements. We won’t be able to watch Saturday Night Live anymore without remembering what it was like to get to work in front of that iconic stage!





NBC and Julia Testa: A Blossoming Partnership

Over the last months we’ve worked hard to have some amazing opportunities with NBC Universal and we couldn’t be prouder to announce our latest mission.

NBC is a company that recognizes and demands quality at every possible turn. It’s one of the reasons they’ve been as successful as they have. We work tirelessly to make sure everything we do for a client is perfect, no matter what. Details are the difference between good decor and a game-changing masterpiece, and we always strive to change the game. That’s why NBC, having seen evidence of our quality and commitment time and time again, has trusted us with more and more of their events.

We started working with NBC last fall when we supplied them with fun, creative designs for daily happenings, like “Thank You” arrangements and gifts to congratulate various friends and colleagues in the NBC family.

We knew they liked our work, but we didn’t know how much, until during the holiday season they trusted us to work on the NBC Digital holiday party at The Chester in The Gansevoort Hotel in downtown Manhattan.

Since they loved the flowers we created for the holiday party, we had the pleasure of being introduced to one of NBC’s executive events planners, who was ready to trust us with not one, but two exciting events. We were asked to do the flowers and decor for the Development Meeting in none other than the Saturday Night Live studio, as well as the CEO dinner at the iconic Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center! We are honored to have been chosen to work in such a beautiful, opulent atmosphere, rich with the success stories of decades past.

Not only is the Rainbow Room itself a beautiful venue, but NBC is a wonderful company to work with because they are always looking to improve themselves, to build a better NBC. At the Development Meeting, the CEOs discussed the development of ideas and strategies, talking about what works, what doesn’t, and the best way to improve going forward.

We threw ourselves into designing the best possible room for all this brainstorming. Working as closely as we did with the NBC events team was exciting, as their attention to detail is on par with our own! We love to impress our clients, and that’s even easier to do when they’re involved in such a hands-on way. It’s inspiring to work with a client with such vision, both for the experience itself and as a model for how we do business.

We are so appreciative and proud of our growing partnership with NBC that we had a box of custom cookies created by Taste Bakery with both our logo and NBC’s. We knew success was sweet, but it turns out teamwork is too!