An Edible Farm Style Wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns


We love weddings. We love everything about them: the tradition, the way the air sparkles and fizzes like champagne with excitement, the blush of a bride on her father’s arm. We love being a part of the most special day of someone’s life, using our art to make their day sing.

That’s why we were so happy to welcome Chantel to the team as our first full-time bridal consultant, and she recently knocked it out of the park with a request we’d never heard before: a wedding without flowers.

Without flowers?

That’s right. Our bride wanted to use vegetables and herbs in place of a traditional bouquet. Her fiance (now husband! Congratulations!) is a pragmatic guy, and, to him, spending boucoup bucks on a bouquet seemed extreme. (We disagree, but to each their own!)


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In fact, on the night he asked for her hand, he had a bouquet sent to their table with fruits and vegetables, something they could both use and enjoy even after the magical moment. To honor him, the bride wanted to feature chili peppers in our arrangements.

So Chantel the expert got to work, traveling across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, sourcing artichokes, raspberries from the flower district, cabbage flower, and most importantly, chilis! (We hunted them down at a tiny vegetable wholesaler in Queens called LaLa Produce, given to us by Lala himself!)


We even included broccoli, kale greens, and mini pineapples found by the bride and shipped directly to the studio. We didn’t eat any of them, as delicious as these arrangements look!

Unsurprisingly, our bride had a hard time finding a florist who could bring her ideas to fruition (no pun intended) because it was so unusual, but the Julia Testa team, as always, welcomes a challenge. We loved being a part of her special day and we loved that she came to us with her admittedly unusual request. Her idea had been rejected by other florists, but here at Julia Testa, we never turn down a client.

It was Chantel’s first wedding without Julia’s guidance. It took place at Blue Hill at Stone Barns (one of New York’s most idyllic settings) and it went off without a hitch. We are so grateful to our edible bouquet couple for coming to us and letting us have a bite at the apple (this time, pun intended.) Congratulations and thank you!

Prospective brides, come Chantel’s way! Get in touch and we’ll help you put together your dream day.

Oh the colors!

All weddings are beautiful, and we at Julia Testa love taking part and contributing in whatever way we can. This weekend, we got to play a pretty big part in one of the most gorgeous weddings we’ve ever seen – booked, planned, and put together in two weeks.


Mixed marriages often add texture to the story and the look of the wedding, and in particular, the decoration and theme. The Whitford-Tahir wedding, on the water at Battery Park, was a luxurious blend of Asian and American culture. Both the bride and the groom embrace color with open arms, and the whole wedding was dripping with it.


We love working with splashy, free-flowing colors, and so this wedding was our dream come true. Two weeks’ planning time might look like a challenge to some – or even a constraint! – but here at Julia Testa, we looked at it as an opportunity. We had the first sample to the bride and groom within two days’ turnaround time and booked it almost immediately afterward.


We started with the table dressings. Merlot Shantung linens looked lovely with saffron orange napkins, providing us with a base for lots of big, beautiful color. We had the idea to use marigolds hanging with fishing line from the ceiling to draw the eye upwards, to the high arrangements, and then to the low arrangements on the tables and bar. The marigolds gave the room a sparkle of color, and the high and low arrangements were handcrafted with specialty purple Holland hydrangeas, sunflowers, orange spray roses, purple statice, red freedom roses, and burgundy snapdragons.

One of the best parts about mixed marriages from a florist’s point of view is that different cultures assign different meanings to flowers, and blending cultures gives us the chance to tell that story with flowers. Congratulations, Josh and Midiha! We were so proud and happy to have been a part of your special day.

Julia Testa Blossoms into Bridal

Everything is coming up sunshine and roses for Julia Testa and her design team.

Julia and her faithful, ingenious group have just finished up a fabulous photo shoot at two gorgeous bridal houses. Working with makeup artists, photographers, fashion designers, and models (and a garden’s worth of flowers, of course!), the Julia Testa brand is starting to branch out and bloom.

The James Ward Mansion, located in Westfield, New Jersey, is home to elegant, 24-foot ceilings, gilded architecture, and hundreds of posh, regal weddings every year. Recently, it was home to a photo shoot for Justin Alexander’s ornate bridal fashions. Julia and her team busily decked the halls with lush orchids, hydrangeas, and amaranthus, wrapping the banisters of the spiral staircases in ivy and white tibet roses.

Featuring soft, romantic lace, the photo shoot for Lillian West’s bridal show at the Metropolitan Building on Long Island City was a vintage garden party. Here, Julia and her team contrasted the delicate, feminine shape of bud vases with big, fragrant peony blooms. For a touch of bohemian chic, Julia wrapped vintage birdcages with the famous David Austin Roses, only available wholesale. In addition to the David Austin masterpieces, Julia used ivy, sweetheart and spray roses, lisianthus, and eucalyptus blooms.

For both photo shoots, bridal models carried bouquets hand-designed by Julia Testa.

Julia can’t wait to further explore the gorgeous, decorative world of bridal, fashion, and flowers. For help planning a wedding or a photo shoot of your own, get in touch with her!