COTY Hires Julia Testa to Help Promote the Marc Jacobs Daisy Fragrances

National Daisy Day in Full Bloom

National Daisy Day was January 28 and like most New Yorkers, we can’t wait to see all this snow cleared away so the daisies can bloom. This February started off as bright and fresh as ever as Julia Testa works with COTY US and Marc Jacobs to promote their Daisy fragrance line.

Over the course of two weeks, we created five different sample boxes, playing around with what looked good, what smelled good, and what would best represent the Marc Jacobs fragrance line. Brand identity is incredibly important when Julia Testa does custom work. We pride ourselves on crafting a positive expression of our clients’ brands. We had to make sure every piece not only felt cohesive and put together, but also captured the eye and the imagination. When we do custom projects, we do our utmost to get to the root of what the client wants and help the project blossom.

Take a look at our creative process through five different steps…


STEP 1: As you can see by the photo above, our first sample (while fun to make) felt too whimsical and busy. When we finished, we were concerned that all of the branches and the tiering made the Marc Jacobs brand name hard to see and ultimately took away from the samples.


STEP 2: In our next trial, we cleared away the branches and instead incorporated wheatgrass for some visual texture.

As gorgeous and unique as we thought our second sample was, in the end, we decided we had to clear away some of the daisies so the sample bottles could be seen.


STEP 3: In our third trial in design tweaking, we eliminated some of the daisies and tried to “crisp up” the look so the perfume bottles could become the focal point.


STEP 4: Our fourth sample saw a shift to a wooden box. We wanted to capture a natural, fresh, and slightly offbeat vibe while maintaining the brightness of the base, so we painted the wooden frame a high-gloss white.

We had the feeling we were almost there, so on a whim, we mowed down the wheatgrass and added a few more daisies, hoping to attain a vivid, growing feeling.


FINAL PRODUCT: There’s a feeling of deep satisfaction we get when we know we’ve not only finished a project, but completed it. As it turned out, the fifth sample was perfect for the Marc Jacobs brand.

After two weeks of creative process and carefully crafting samples with the PR team at COTY, we set out to deliver the final products to media outlets on National Daisy Day, January 28.

At Julia Testa, we love custom work. It’s the most challenging, but also the most satisfying. Need help with a custom project? Contact us!

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