Dial Soap Selects Julia Testa To Promote Their New Bodywash


These days, here in the studio, we usually find ourselves working away on promotional branding or packaging for our favorite fashion brands, staying up to all hours to make sure we get it right. We love doing fashion brands, and we’ve been doing them for a long time. We know exactly what fashion brands hope for from their branding work.


So you can imagine how surprised and flattered we were when a household name like Dial Soap approached us for some promotional work! We’d never worked with anyone like them before, so we were excited to take on a fresh challenge (pardon the pun.)


We were glad to get the job because, as it turned out, as soon as we determined the color palette, everything about the work fell into place seemingly on its own. We wanted to work with hot pink and bold blue, using custom-crafted boxes that would hold the product, a smooth, fragrant body wash called Silk and Magnolia. The boxes themselves were hot pink, and, to incorporate the blue, we tied a silk ribbon around the box, right in the middle (silk was fitting, we thought.)


For the flowers inside the boxes that wrapped themselves around the vibrant bottles, we decided to use softer pink tones to bring out the feminine feel Dial wanted to put out. We used blush roses and added some vining magnolias to add a little texture. Finito! We were finished.


One of the things we’re proudest of here at the Julia Testa Company is our ability to take on any project and see it through to the client’s happiness, even if it’s not something we’ve worked with before. It reminds us that every client is different and no two jobs should be treated the same. We felt really good about our Dial project. Working with a household brand like them was new for us, which is always exciting.