Elizabeth Arden Promotes “Always Red” With Julia Testa

Sometimes, working with a brand is easy. We know exactly what they want and we know exactly how to get it done, in the most original, striking, and cost-effective way. Other times, though, it involves a little more head-scratching, or, in this case, a little more time spent staring at a bottle of perfume.


Elizabeth Arden and their PR team at Lippe Taylor came to us to create a promotional arrangement for Elizabeth Arden’s new perfume, Always Red. The perfume is incredible – it’s made for the modern New York City woman, in all her sexy, sophisticated, daring glory. We know all about modern, professional New York City women, so we were excited to get started right away.


Our immediate thought was a sleek, modern gift box, but after a few samples back and forth that didn’t quite hit the spot, we knew we needed to change something up. Back to the drawing board – or, in our case, the design table – we went, armed with a bottle of perfume and the product information with which Lippe Taylor had so accommodatingly provided us.


At second glance, one of the first things that jumped out at us was the colors: Always Red’s packaging fades from black to red in a sexy, stylish way that manages to be alluring without losing any subtlety. We picked up on that and decided to use it as a foundation. We had plenty of flowers to pack our arrangements with smolder: Black Magic Roses, Black Scabiosa, and black Calla lilies faded in an ombre into Freedom roses and, finally, Bright Nina roses. We put the arrangement in a tall black box with complementing black wax paper and a big, rich red satin bow.



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