Events at The Whitney Museum of American Art

We talk a lot (a lot!) about client satisfaction here at Julia Testa. We have to — it’s the most valuable part of every arrangement. When our clients love what we create, they trust us with bigger projects, which means we get to spread our creative wings even further, mastering new skills and building relationships that we’ll enjoy for longer than any one piece.

One such relationship is the one we’ve been building with the American-arts-focused Whitney Museum, a client we were anxious to impress: after all, we share a passion for art! We wanted to make sure they got what they came for, and then some.

They first came to us to set the scene for their Education Committee Luncheon, which they wanted to feel clean and crisp, with a modern pop of color here and there. Since they’re a non-profit, we wanted to give them as much bang for their buck as we possibly could. Fortunately for the Whitney, tightly packing artistry into simple arrangements is our forte. We lined the table with bud vases, each sporting a few simple, cheerful yellow blooms like roses and wildflowers. It was a budget-friendly way to add a little color to the table without adding bulk or weight and it made for a gorgeous lunch.

The Whitney liked our bud vases so much that they approached us again later in the month for a bigger project: they wanted us to craft arrangements for a 1920s-themed American Jazz education dinner for their docents. We were glad to hear from them again; to be trusted so soon with a bigger event that requires more creativity means they liked our work the first time. It’s a second step towards a thriving business relationship.

In keeping with the Roaring Twenties theme, we used lush white peacock feathers as an accent to classic white hydrangea and rose arrangements. When we finished, we lifted them on tall trumpet vases — a subtle nod to the jazz music that greeted guests.

We loved working with the Whitney, and it was so satisfying to see them come back to us a second time. Developing long-term relationships with our clients is so important to us because as we get to know them better, we’re able to craft our arrangements so that they’re even more in keeping with their wildest dreams.