Julia Testa has designed, organized, and managed special events for some of the biggest businesses in Manhattan.  From Calvin Klein to the New York Stock Exchange to Bank of America, their team has handled events of every type and size.  They cleanly integrate the company’s style and voice into their design, to make sure the brand is featured and complimented in every aspect of the event.
Julia Testa has implemented Galas, Corporate Retreats, Product Releases, Holiday Parties, Award Ceremonies, and almost every other type of business event.  No matter what your event, their team can help you make an impression your clients, employees, and partners will never forget.
For large-scale corporate events, especially in the Summer and Fall months, it is ideal to reach out to us at least 6-8 months before to secure your date — this also helps us provide you with a wide range of creative options.

Featured Corporate Events:

Julia Testa has worked with some of the largest names in Beauty, Finance, Television, and more.

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