Expressing Emozione: Julia Testa Teams Up With Salvatore Ferragamo

We had the most exciting weekend at Julia Testa! On March 6th and 7th, our team got the opportunity to collaborate with the events team at Salvatore Ferragamo, their perfume partners Beaute Prestige International, and the visual team at Bloomingdale’s in Manhattan to launch Salvatore Ferragamo’s brand-new fragrance Emozione.


We were so proud to take part in the Emozione launch. Salvatore Ferragamo’s brand manager was equally pleased with the event, saying that “[the] event turned out to be a stunning, breath-taking introduction of the new Emozione fragrance. You really captured the essence of the brand and brought the emotion of fragrance to life with your beautiful arrangements.” We couldn’t be happier!


When our team presents a product, our focus is on capturing the essence of the product and the brand. We know that attention to detail and a keen eye are the keys to successful promotion, so the first step of our creative process is always to figure out what the brand is all about. What does it say about the person who wears it? What does the brand want to express? The Emozione fragrance is scented with Bulgarian roses and a complex blend of floral notes, connoting femininity and softness with an aura of all-encompassing luxury. Emozione was made for sophisticated, refined, sensuous women who have developed expert palettes, so Julia Testa’s ability to design on-point and harmonious floral arrangements made us the perfect partner for the job!


After a creative meeting with Bloomingdale’s and sketching out the space, we decided to fill the available arcade cubbies with soft pink and white flowers.


Then, Bloomingdale’s offered us tables. Rather than simply arranging bouquets of flowers, we decided to create a bed of flowers to make sure the arrangements didn’t obstruct the perfume bottles.


In addition to the table design, we created custom pedestals from scratch and color-matched the paint to the pantone color on the Emozione boxes.


Not only did the launch feature beautiful and fragrant flowers, but Bloomingdale’s also arranged for a live guitarist to play music during the event to draw people in. The effect of the soft colors, the gentle music, and the gorgeous flowers was immediately apparent: everyone in Bloomingdale’s gravitated towards the Emozione product display!


Our team loves to think outside the box and come up with fresh new ways to highlight and represent a brand. We are excited to have even more opportunities like this in the pipeline as word travels about our skill and artful eye for color and design.

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