Gin Mare + Julia Testa at Ramscale Studios


Gin Mare is known for its boundary-pushing pours — gins distilled with rosemary, thyme, olive and basil, making for a swooning, savoury quaff.

Their willingness to push limits further and further made them the perfect client for Julia Testa — we push boundaries too, playing with color, texture and fragrance in our arrangements, always chasing a whiff of whimsy or a pop of play in our work.

Gin Mare approached us this month to work on a branded event at Ramscale Studios. The locale alone was, we knew, fantastic: it features a panoramic view of the city and the Hudson River, the perfect spot for a VIP-only event. Gin Mare even hired Chef Michael White for his famous seafood to complement the drinks and the ambience. It was just waiting for us to set the scene.

Our inspiration came immediately from the ingredients in the gin itself. Its earthiness and punch made it easy for us to draw from: we crafted miniature herb arrangements with rosemary, thyme and basil and nestled them in a wood palette wall, complete with bottles and citrus fruit. We also planted four arborvitae trees and six custom planters with gardens of herbs and greenery in Gin Mare-branded planters in the lounge area. Our team chose to use glass with jute rope accents, as well as wicker and terracotta accents, that reminded us of sailing in the summer, in keeping with the summer Mediterranean theme. We wanted to keep it light and breezy.

Our work was a huge hit. Gin Mare was impressed by how well we worked with the theme, emphasizing it without being too on-the-nose. We can’t wait to work with them again. Our summer is off with a bang!