Julia Testa Helps to Launch New H&M Location in NYC

Along with the typical challenges of crafting floral arrangements for an event, like design, craftsmanship, and working within the client’s budget, we sometimes have to deal with “behind-the-scenes” problems, things most people wouldn’t consider.


Recently, we were approached to do the flowers for the new H&M store in Herald Square, NYC…three days before the event was scheduled to take place. Of course, the Julia Testa team was up for the challenge, but we felt like we were running around with our hair on fire! We needed to source 650 dahlias from all over the place, and since they don’t grow in our back yard, we had to work around the clock to make sure we would have enough inventory to put together our bright, splashy arrangements to bring together the H&M opening.


Our flowers come from all over the world. Europe and South America are our biggest suppliers, which means that our blooms need to be shipped from all over the globe. They fly here, come here by boat and train, and are shipped here by trucking containers. Our flowers have quite a trip ahead of them before they get to us and our event, and we had to make sure those dahlias would be here on time. It was close and we were biting our nails, but we made it!


The dahlias we used were color-matched to the H&M logo, a vivid orange-red, and we used the biggest, brightest, splashiest ones possible. We lined the beauty section with them to give the store’s new customers a warm, cheerful autumn welcome. The containers alone were 16 inches long, and with the flowers included, each arrangement measured 20 inches long and eight inches tall. They were giant!

Even though we had to put it together at the last minute and we got right down to the wire, we felt really accomplished when we saw how the event turned out. We scrambled and worked around the clock to get the job done and the event was beautiful.

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