Julia Testa’s Centerpieces are Center Stage at SNL Studio

Tina Fey. Mike Meyers. Will Ferrell.

Julia Testa.


The Saturday Night Live Studio 8H has been home to countless now-classic comedy routines since its beginnings in 1975, but last Wednesday, it was the foundation upon which the Julia Testa team orchestrated some stunning floral arrangements.


NBC threw an exclusive party right in front of stand-up comedy’s most famous stage, and they called upon none other than Julia Testa to put the finishing touches on the decor. They put their heart and soul into creating the perfect sophisticated event that paid homage to the history behind Studio 8H, and we had the perfect plan up our sleeves.

We started with custom matte containers to complement the Stone Shantung linens, which were just understated enough to give us the perfect backdrop. We wanted lots of bold, vibrant colors against the monochromatics of the studio, so we filled the custom containers with deep purple hydrangea imported from South America and Holland, in addition to crimson and deep red peonies from France and Holland. To add a soft, fragrant nod to New York, we incorporated locally-grown lilacs, which blended well with our team’s favorite rose: the beautiful lavender “Ocean Song.” It was breathtaking, even by our standards, but it needed one final touch: we couldn’t let our centerpieces leave without adding deep purple phalaenopsis orchids.


The Saturday Night Live studio party was a vision. The centerpieces were beautiful, and the tall, elegant bar decor set off the cool, downtown vibe NBC was going for. Even the lighting worked to accent the colors in our arrangements. We won’t be able to watch Saturday Night Live anymore without remembering what it was like to get to work in front of that iconic stage!





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