Miu Miu Perfume Launch Custom Made by Julia Testa


Julia Testa’s imagination is the powerhouse engine behind the Julia Testa Company. Usually, it’s reined in by clients’ expectations and the many deadlines the Julia Testa team has to keep up with. You can only imagine, though, what might happen if Julia’s imagination was allowed to run wild…


We didn’t have to imagine anymore after Miu Miu called us to do a product promotion for their new scent. Scents are already one of our favorite things to work with because their light, feminine nature and emphasis on the senses parlay so well into our home turf — flowers. This time, we outdid ourselves in every way, and we can’t be more grateful to Miu Miu for giving us both the opportunity and the free creative rein.

The project started off at a high price point and a very, very custom feel. It only got more exclusive as Julia and the team kept brainstorming. No one was there to stop them and Miu Miu just kept saying yes!


The team started with pedestals in different sizes, color-matched to show the client. One of their major goals was not to overwhelm the perfume bottle, which wasn’t large, so we had to keep our project small, yet lavish. The pedestal played into that — we wanted it to feel unexpected and give the bottles an elevated touch.


Normally, when we work with promotions, we end up creating elaborate pieces with flowers and colors splashing all over the eye, but this time, we knew we had to work small, so most of our creativity went towards engineering the packaging that would tie the whole thing together. It would be the first thing to meet the clients’ eye, so we had to take every care to make sure it came together as we wanted it to.


We filled empty Miu Miu perfume bottles with lily of the valley from Holland — a delicate stem that packs a decadent scent — and attached the bottles to the pedestals. The whole thing went inside custom Plexiglass boxes designed by our team and their exacting eye: we didn’t want any seams, hinges, clips, or anything else that might take away from the product. We wanted to use glass, but we couldn’t; the high-quality bags that Miu Miu wanted us to use wouldn’t have been able to take its weight.

Along with our promotional packaging, Miu Miu sent a thick press book and a press kit along with every luxurious bag. All told, the perfumes arrived at their destinations in one of the most posh, glamorous packaging sets we’ve ever seen, let alone had the opportunity to create. Working with projects like Miu Miu’s lights our creative fires; it stokes the engine and keeps us raring to go for more.