Monique Lhuillier and Julia Testa Collaborate on Florals for the New Collection

Where words stop, flowers begin.


Julia Testa and our whole team have often found that flowers are the best way to express what words can fail to say. Brands – especially creative, unique brands – are often best expressed in creative ways, and for us, this means one-of-a-kind floral arrangements.


Monique Lhuillier is one such brand. Monique’s beautiful, organic fashion artistry dovetails perfectly with Julia Testa’s passion for inspirational and stunning floral arrangements, so we’ve worked with her in the past many times, designing floral decor and accents for both her New York showroom and her personal apartment. Typically, when we design for Monique, we focus on her bridal pieces, which has historically been her main focus, so we incorporate lots of creams, whites, and ivories. We love soft color palettes, but we can never turn down the chance to work with lots of blooming color. That’s why we were so excited to take on Monique’s latest project.


On June 3, we got to create floral arrangements for the showroom for Monique’s newest color line, which included an organic, structured fabric printed with a blend of flowers that we took to immediately. The fabric looked almost like it had been painted with watercolors, which lit our creative fuse.


We focused on matching colors first. Monique’s central fabric was cheerful and bright, with lots of peaches, greens, and lavenders. For our arrangements, we took great pains to match our flowers to her fabric, using peach David Austin specialty garden roses, pale yellow peony with a vibrant saffron center (they smelled absolutely divine!) and green helleborus for a down-to-earth vibe. For a final finishing touch, we wove in a rare light lavender veronica.


Usually, we like to wrap our arrangements with leaves to give them an organic, tasteful, finished look, but we chose to hand-tie the Monique Lhuillier arrangements and place them into cylinders without a leaf wrap to show off the structure and design of the stemwork. We felt it worked perfectly when considered in the context of the structure of the clothing it showcased.


We were so excited to work with Monique because it gave us a chance to show her what we can do with fashion in addition to bridal lines. She was extremely impressed with our attention to detail and the passion we brought to our work. We can’t wait to work with her again!






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