NYSE Selects Julia Testa for the Holidays

Julia Testa and company hit the floor of the New York Stock Exchange recently, much to the delight of its President.


The NYSE hired us to create a winter wonderland for a dinner event which would feature the president of the NYSE, as well as some very elite, influential members. We wanted to capture the sophisticated nature of the event, but we also wanted to play with the wintry theme, so we started with a 20′ table runner to line the table, as well as a hugely oversized magnolia arrangement for the end of the room to underlie the floral feel. The room bloomed and blossomed all throughout the event.


They hired us this time because of the credibility we’ve built up with them over the last few months. NYSE hired us a little while ago for a small, low-key hotel event, where we made succulent arrangements for them. We assumed they sampled lots of city florists and we’d never hear from them again, but then, a few months later, they hired us for a mid-sized event in the fall! This time, they wanted 14 traditional low centerpieces, which is one of our favorite things to put together for clients. It’s a Julia Testa staple, and we did it in our traditional tight style. We used really expressive and unique flowers: calla lilies, garden roses, pomegranates, and even gourds and mini-pumpkins, putting everything in custom-designed gold containers to match the stately feel of the building. They were obviously impressed with our work, because they hired us to create the winter wonderland dinner!


The halls would have been decked long before they were, except that we were also booked to do the tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center (!) and we were expecting to be out of 30 Rock at 3 p.m…which didn’t happen, due to the packed streets and crazy celebrations. We were racing to get to the Stock Exchange building. We know the importance of having enough time so that we aren’t rushed when we’re trying to create. We ended up getting there with time to spare, despite the trials and tribulations along the way, and we knocked it out of the park. Time may not have been on our side at first, but even with the time difficulties, the Events Manager still loved what we did.


“Despite the less than ideal security clearance and set up time, you guys still killed it last night,” he said. “People who see that room every single day said it had never looked so good. Guests were commenting on he arrangements and the President of the NYSE took one home with him after dinner. It really set the tone for the entire evening,” he told us afterwards.

We can’t wait to hit the stock exchange floor again! Until next time, NYSE.