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  • Gramercy

    Gramercy Gardens

    Holland hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, and tulips.

    *You will be notified if tulips are substituted depending on availability. Hydrangea color may vary based on season as well.

    $55.00$145.00 Select options
  • Fort Greene

    Fort Greene Blossoms

    A mix of lime green and dark purple cymbidium orchids, mini hydrangea, Picasso calla lilies, with hints of snapdragon and coxcomb.

    $55.00$145.00 Select options
  • Prospect Park

    Prospect Park Petals

    A lush arrangement of clustered roses, peonies, and fragrant Casablanca lilies. Feel free to request any color rose you’d prefer!

    *You will be notified if peonies are substituted for similar style flowers depending on availability.

    $45.00$145.00 Select options
  • Tribeca

    Tribeca Trend

    High quality orchids and fragrant hyacinth arranged tightly around hydrangea with a modern luxe technique.

    *You will be notified if there are any substitutions according to availability.

    $70.00$160.00 Select options
  • Chelsea

    Chelsea Fresh

    A monochromatic blend of various pink and cream roses, gerber daisies, fragrant hyacinth, and hydrangea.

    *Also available in purple.

    $35.00$125.00 Select options
  • East Village

    East Village Variety

    A blend of yellow roses, peach hypericum berries, yellow cymbidium orchids, and mini green hydrangea, loosely arranged in a unique vintage-style glass vase.

    *This arrangement is also available in purple, pink, all green, or red depending on availability.

    $55.00$115.00 Select options
  • West Side

    West Side Sunset

    A medley of red and orange roses, peach hypericum berries, orange and red coxcomb, red preotea, and mini green hydrangea.

    $65.00$155.00 Select options
  • SoHo

    SoHo Stems

    Classically arranged white orchids, ivory and white roses, white calla lilies, and white hydrangea.

    $65.00$155.00 Select options
  • Williamsburg

    Williamsburg Sunshine

    Bright peach roses, sunflowers, yellow cymbidiums, peach hypericum berries, with yellow protea flower.

    *You will be notified if sunflowers are substituted depending on availability.

    $60.00$155.00 Select options