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  • Classic & Clean

    The name says it all! For someone who likes things classic and clean, this is for them. White hyacinth, Roses, Tulips, Hydrangea, Peony. May be a substitute of Peony depending on the season.

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  • Crispy Whites

    White flowers mixed together with hints of acid green for added texture. White Tulips, White Hyacinth, White Peony, White lisianthus, White Roses, White Spray Roses.

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  • Envy

    Acid Green and Whites. Mini Green Hydrangea, White Local Hydrangea, White Veronica, White Hyacinth, White Roses, White Lisianthus, Green Heleborous, White Peony. May substitute Heleborous and Peony depending on the season.

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  • Girly Girl

    Peach Roses, Pink Roses, Pink Peony, White Hyacinth, White Tulips, White orchids, all designed in a tall vase with greenery. Impact piece!

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  • Kiwi Candy

    The Brightest Lime Green Hydrangea with Orange and Yellow Parrot Tulips. Designed in a rectangular glass container.

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  • Lavishly Lavender

    Lavender, Purples, and Lime Green color palette using Lime Green Parrot Tulips, Dianthus, Purple Holland Hydrangea, Lavender Roses, and Lilac.

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  • Lovely Lemonade

    Yellow and Cream mix of flowers. Include Hyacinth, Billy Balls, Calla, Roses, Yellow Wild Flower, Eucalyptus, Lemon Leaf, and Peony. Could have a substitute for Peony depending on the season.

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  • Orchid Lover’s Dream

    This is a spectacular arrangement. And if youre scratching your head about the price, its because its made with all the best materials and without any filler. A dozen Peony, a dozen Fragrant Garden Roses, two-three dozens of Traditional Roses and 2 Orchid stems cascading over the arrangement.

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  • Pastel Poetry

    A blend of pastels in blush, light yellow, creams, and whites. Includes a variety of roses, peony, stock, hydrangea, and calla. Substitutions for peony made be necessary depending on the season.

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