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  • Classic Orchids

    Orchids in Clear Glass

    Classic orchids in clear glass. Select the desired stem count and color of your purchase.

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  • Christopher Street

    Christopher Street Succulent

    A variety of succulents planted in an edgy silver vase.

    $55.00 Select options
  • Bedford Avenue

    Bedford Avenue Blooms

    Two Phalaenopsis orchid stems potted together in a white contemporary vase. Available colors include purple, all white, or a mix (as shown).

    $150.00 Select options
  • Park Avenue

    Park Avenue Classic

    Double stem Phalaenopsis orchid planted in a silver vase with a mini succulent at the roots. Orchid colors available in spotted white/purple, all purple, or all white. Clear glass cube vase available upon request*

    $150.00 Select options
  • Kent Avenue

    Kent Avenue View

    Solo single stem Phalaenopsis orchid with moss only. Shown in silver vase, but is available in a clear glass cube vase upon request as well.

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  • Stone Street

    Stone Street Accents

    These accent succulents are small enough for a windowsill or big enough to give a coffee table a little character. They are great in pairs or in a bunch and blend nicely with other large succulents.

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  • Chambers Street

    Chambers Street Orchid

    Single stem white Phalaenopsis orchid with a mini succulent at the roots in a rustic brown ceramic.

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  • Madison Avenue

    Madison Avenue Orchids

    Triple Phalaenopsis orchid planted in a long narrow oval container with mini succulents at the roots. Orchid colors are available in all purple or all white. Container is also available in white upon request*

    $245.00 Select options
  • Washington Square

    Washington Square Succulent

    Extra large succulent potted in a slate container. Largest size is approximately 12(L) x 12(W) x 13(H) including succulent.

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