Croton Plant

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6" Growers Pot is 1-2' feet tall. 

8" Growers Pot is 2-3' feel tall. 

10" Growers Pot is 3-4' feet tall.


The croton is an easy-to-grow houseplant known for its variegated foliage covered in green, scarlet, orange, and yellow splotches.

Place croton in a sunny location. If a croton is getting too little light, its newer leaves will be less colorful. Keep the soil evenly moist, but let it dry out between waterings.

If humidity is low in your home, mist around the leaves with water once a week or keep a tray of wet gravel near the plant.

Sold in grower's pot as pictured. Visit our Pottery Section to choose a pot for your plant! Please allow 1 business day before delivery to ensure availability. 

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