Ultra-Exclusive Rooftop at Isaia Napoli on 5th Avenue


Men’s brands can often pose an intriguing challenge. They want the luxury and the beauty of floral arrangements, but it’s crucial to them to stay away from anything that might be construed as feminine. When we work with men’s brands, it’s important to walk a fine line between bringing the high-end feel that beautiful arrangements automatically generate and being “too feminine.” Men’s branding and events want floral arrangements because their events would feel naked without them, but the last thing they want to do is draw attention away from their brand and its inherent masculinity.


During Fashion Week, we were welcomed with open arms and traditional Italian double-cheek kisses by Isaia Napoli, one of the sleekest, cleanest brands we’ve ever worked with. They focus on smooth, sophisticated lines and subtle elegance. That is to say, too much splashy color would have been out of place and would have taken away from the brand’s inherent strong, alluring feel.


Isaia Napoli held their event on their private, ultra-exclusive rooftop deck at their 5th Avenue showroom. We had no idea it was even possible for a showroom to have an outdoor private balcony large enough to accommodate a sit-down event…but there we were, and we felt totally welcomed by the warmth of the Italian fashion brand. The relaxed, exclusive environment made it easy to get creative and think masculine and sleek.

The color we really wanted to focus on was a deep burgundy, expressed in the brand’s logo, so we built off of it to do the entire event in a monochromatic red palette. We used red parrot tulips with undertones of orange, red David Austin garden roses, red and burgundy orchids, Red Italian Rununculus, burgundy Calla lilies, red coxcomb, three different varieties of red dahlias, and finally, the brightest possible Nina Roses, for just a pop of a bright almost-orange.


We were so happy with how the event took shape. We were referred to Isaia Napoli by our friends at Audemars Piguet and we’re so glad to have made the connection. We loved working with Isaia Napoli because they were so warm and welcoming to us throughout the design and implementation process. From start to finish, we were treated with Italian hospitality, and that made working with them and understanding their brand and their event so easy and fun.

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