Waterford launches Monique Lhuillier’s New Crystal Collection with Julia Testa


We’ve worked with Monique Lhuillier before, most notably on her new bridal collection, but this time, we got to put our spin on something we’re intimately familiar with: vases.


Monique just launched a Waterford Crystal collection that made us want to fill it up with flowers as soon as we saw it. Vases are just as much of an artistic component of floral arrangements as the blossoms are, and often they’re the part the recipient of the arrangements gets to keep to remember the gift by. Monique’s are ornately detailed with a beautiful weight that make them timeless and beautiful in any home or office. Needless to say, we were over the moon about the chance to present them at the Waterford showroom.


Monique’s team shipped us a sample of each vessel in the collection and we filled them with an arrangement we made especially for the new Waterford line. We focused on the vibrant, rich colors of fall: burgundy peonies, Purple Flame dahlias, bright pink roses, variegated purple and pink carnations (the top of the line, as far as carnations are concerned) and autumn berries. We finished the look off with a hint of jasmine and Israeli ruscus for a romantic, vining feel to give it some visual texture.



We’re so excited for Monique’s collection to start hitting the world of floral arrangements. We’d gladly fill them with flowers for any of our clients. They’re the perfect accompaniment to the gift of flowers, both to send or receive.

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