10 Autumnal Arrangements You Can't Help But Fall For

We’re officially on the other side of the fall equinox, meaning it’s finally appropriate to pull that “fall decor” box out of storage, and set the stage for all the harvest-inspired gatherings the season brings. At Julia Testa, this shift in season also means a shift in our favorite arrangements, with the crisp autumn air inspiring our designers in everything they craft.

From rich burgundies to rustic oranges and deep, earthy greens, our autumn arrangements add cozy charm to your home, event, or special occasion with the natural beauty that defines this magical season.

So, move over pumpkin spice lattes – we’re here with the 10 Autumn Arrangements You Can’t Help But Fall For.

1. Golden Sun

Bold and bright fall tones of gold and bronze come together in our Golden Sun arrangement. Bursting with blooms, this arrangement features yellow roses, Charlie Brown cymbidium orchids, lilies, and mixed greenery. As a substitution to the silver container, this design may be crafted in a clear vase cylinder with a green leaf wrap. 

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2. Tall Charlie

Tall and stately, our Tall Charlie arrangement features fall-toned Pampass Grass, Cymbidium Orchid, Red Lillies, Roses, Hydrangea, and Eucalyptus.

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3. Cool Breeze

Cool Breeze is an elegant arrangement featuring artfully-displayed Calla Lillies a modern vase with a lily grass and seasonal bloom accent. Multiple colors of this arrangement are available.

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4. Life in Abundance

Life in Abundance is a mixed arrangement of bright bold colors designed in a gold compote bowl. Fresh flowers include Sunflowers, Yellow and Red Roses, Mums, Green Hydrangea, Red Spray Rose, Dried Brown Pods, Lilly Grass loops.

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5. Fresh Air Fall

Fresh Air Fall is as autumn as an arrangement can get. This design features soft whites and hints of bronze, with accents of mini pumpkins in a gold container.

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6. Soulful Garden

Soulful Garden is one of our most popular arrangements, and for good reason! A mix of seasonal autumn flowers in bright tones of burgundy, red, gold, and pink come together to create this beautiful arrangement. Flowers include mums, roses, orchids, berries, dahlia, calla lilies, and mixed greenery. Additional sizes available.

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7. Frida Kahlo

As one of our most-loved arrangements, Frida Kahlo incorporates beautiful fall and jewel tones with all the best autumn flowers, including roses, dahlias, orchids, and mums. This arrangement has a tight and lush style, making it perfect for any occasion or to decorate any surface, and is arranged to be bursting with as many blooms as possible. 

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8. Bountiful Harvest

This arrangement is called "Bountiful Harvest" for a reason. It's tall and bold with bright fall tones of gold, red, and orange. The flowers in this lush design can include mums, dahlia, orchids, roses, berries, amaryllis, Calla, and magnolia.

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9. Cinnamon Twist

Our Cinnamon Twist arrangement has a modern design with Charlie Brown cymbidium orchids, a calla lily accent (some of our longest-lasting flowers!), and a tropical palm. Its unique shape and composition are bound to leave a lasting impression that will remain even longer than the blooms themselves.

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10. Autumn Designer's Choice

Sometimes, the best arrangements are the ones designed just for you – especially when crafted with the freshest, most seasonal blooms. Our Autumn Designer's Choice arrangements feature our best inventory and are inspired by your input and price point, and the beauty of the season.

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There you have it! 10 swoon-worthy arrangements inspired by Autumn and hand-crafted by New York's finest floral designers. We hope you love them as much as we do (and don't worry – we'll be here to catch you if you *fall*).