About Us

It’s a common misconception that building a successful business in Manhattan cannot begin with humble, home-grown roots. But, Julia Testa, the youngest established florist in New York City, is proof of a different kind of story.

Starting with only a skill and a vision, Julia bypassed the empty job market in 2008 by laying the foundation for the brand we know today. From stringing together freelance events, small weddings, and eventually corporate Christmas parties, Julia established a reputation of reliability, quality, and inspiration.

Julia Testa

This reputation carried her from floral design in her mother’s kitchen to owning brick and mortar shops in both Brooklyn and SoHo Manhattan, as well as operating a thriving online store. The success of Julia Testa and her team comes not only from crafting beautiful floral arrangements and installations, but also from an uncanny ability to capture other people’s vision and bring it to life.

With every project and in every collaboration, they explore what it means to experience their clients’ identity, using insight and creativity to build upon their ideas. The Julia Testa team understands flowers don’t need to simply compliment a space or design. Instead, they can be the grand elements that amplify an entire experience.

This outside-the-box approach and intuitive design process have taken Julia and her team from Netflix show sets to Bloomingdale’s product launches, and to masterpiece collection displays at Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue. They proudly add magic to corporate events like galas and meetings, and to personal events like weddings, engagement parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and so much more.

Stop by the shops, browse the collection of take home pieces, or schedule an event consultation to begin your unforgettable floral experience today.