5 Ways To Let Flowers Do The Talking This Valentine's Day

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but we say “flowers communicate better than words or pictures ever could.” Flower language is real, with different flower combinations conveying secret messages between gifters and recipients as far back as ancient Persian times (read more about this and other Valentine’s Day trivia here)

We’ve put together a list of all the things you may not quite know how to communicate with the ones you love (or like) this Valentine’s Day!


The “I like you” Valentine

For any new sparks, prospective flames, or even a friendly gesture of kindness, say “I like you,” with a casual non-rose flower arrangement. Find colors outside the spectrum of traditional romantic hues (reds, pinks, and burgundies), and opt instead for fun, bright designs with playful flower selections, like tulips.

Bunch of Happiness


The “I haven’t said I love you….yet” Valentine

If this Valentine’s Day is the day you’ll let slip those three little words for the first time, complement your “I love you” with something classically romantic. You guessed it – Roses! Rose arrangements reflect the significance of the moment, demonstrating the magnitude of your impending gesture and your feelings toward the person to whom you’ll be gifting. If a traditional bunch of roses isn’t your style, opt for bouquets with roses nestled amongst other unique flower choices in romantic hues.

Tell Me You Love Me


The “I Still Love You (And Always Will)” Valentine

Remind the special person in your life that you love and appreciate them – that all the time spent together has only made your love grow stronger. For the one you likely know better than anyone else, make your Valentine arrangement personal, using their favorite flowers or choosing designs featuring their favorite colors. Make it personal, reflecting all that you love about your life partner.

Sending Love


The “Will You Marry Me?” Valentine

If you are popping the big question or celebrating a recent engagement this Valentine’s Day, this is the year to commemorate the moment with a larger-than-life arrangement. Opt for extravagant flower choices, large bouquets, or anything reflecting how big this moment is in both of your lives.

Abundance of Roses


The “I Miss You” Valentine

If you are missing someone this Valentine’s Day — your long-distance partner, your out-of-town love, or a friend you haven’t seen in ages, sending flowers can be the perfect gesture to remind someone you’re thinking of them, even from afar. Personalize your flower delivery with a heartfelt notecard, reminding them that time apart is temporary and that you can’t wait to see them soon.

The Best One


No matter what you’re trying to say this Valentine’s Day, we’re so happy to help you say it with beautiful, thoughtful flower arrangements. Remember to pre-order your designs online.


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