7 Kinds of Moms (and Their Perfect Bouquet Pairings)

Many people wear the hat of Mom, coming in all shapes, sizes, and relationships to their kids. At Julia Testa, we believe in celebrating all the moms - whether they work full-time or stay at home, whether they’re single or in a lifelong partnership, whether they’re biological or chosen, or whether they’re traditional or are redefining who gets to be called “mom.”

This Mother’s Day, we’ve got our favorite floral picks for all the different kinds of moms, with the perfect bouquet to match the mom in your life’s unique style of being a parent.

The “Hover” Mom

These moms are attentive to every aspect of their kids’ lives, advocating for their babies with great care and concern. They’ve memorized class schedules and can recite the ingredients in school lunches; they are active in the PTA, have the soccer coach’s number saved in their phone’s favorites, and expect daily check-ins well after their kids are adults themselves. The hover mom is an incredible force, with children who know, no matter what, they are supported and loved.

For the Hover Mom you know and love, we recommend Canary Diamond - a large, bold bouquet to match their big presence in your life.

Canary Diamond

The “Au-Naturale” Mom

The Au-Naturale Mom strives to create as natural an environment for their kids as possible. They make their own hummus, pull out their baskets of essential oils when ailments strike, and believe strongly in the importance of bare feet on soft grass and dirt-stained fingerprints in childhood. The Au-Naturale mom is conscientious and thoughtful, with kids who know they’re safe and cared for.

For the Au-Naturale Mom in your life, we recommend Natural Beauty - a stunning bouquet as down to earth as they are. 

Natural Beauty

The “Peter Pan” Mom

Peter Pan Moms are childlike themselves, with a playful spirit and seemingly boundless energy. They can be found flinging themselves down the slide at the park, sneaking extra cookies into school lunches, instigating snowball fights, and pushing back bedtimes to finish their favorite movies. The Peter Pan Mom is fun and free-spirited, with kids who enjoy an abundance of laughter, play, and love.

For the Peter Pan mom in your life, we recommend Pinkerbell - a bouquet as vibrant and vivacious as they are.


The “Free Range” Mom

Free Range Moms believe in fostering the independence of their kids, allowing them to navigate their childhood without the over-involvement of their parents. They’re known to step back while their kids navigate their own problems, offering love and support, but allowing them to learn from their actions. They can be found enjoying a book by the window while their kids play outside, leaving out sandwich fixings for grab-n-go lunchtimes, and watching their children grow into self-sufficient adults.

For the Free Range mom in your life, we recommend Rainbow Garden - wild and exuberant - like the childhoods they foster for the kids.

Rainbow Garden

The “Survival Mode” Mom

The Survival Mode mom is just trying to make it to daycare drop-off time, juggling a million and one responsibilities between diaper blowouts, dance recitals, and coffee refills. They can be found in yesterday’s t-shirt, swinging through the drive-through window to pick up dinner after work, and begging their kid to please, please, fall asleep already. Survival Mode moms are incredible and resilient, with kids who will grow up as strong and caring as they are.

For the Survival Mode mom in your life, we recommend Heart of a Warrior (in addition to a massage and a break) - its beautiful design a reminder of all the strength they have inside.

Heart of a Warrior

The “First Time” Mom

The First Time Mom is driven to be the perfect parent, fearful of making mistakes, and a careful considerer of the best ways to handle each unique and new stage of their child’s life. They can be found filling phone albums with pictures of their sleeping baby, reading and re-reading the latest parenting guides, and triple-checking the safety locks on their new car seat. The First Time Mom is loving and eager, with kids who don’t yet know how lucky they are to be so, so loved.

For the First Time Mom in your life, we recommend Mama Said, its natural elegance letting them know they are doing a simply amazing job at being a mom.

Mama Said

The “Super” Mom 

We firmly believe nearly every mom is a Super Mom – balancing care, companionship, guidance, and love throughout their children’s lives. They mold and shape, they hold and comfort, and they share and listen. Super Moms navigate all the responsibilities of parenthood the best they can, celebrate their children’s many victories, cherish the joyful moments, and continue to show up for the people they love, every day (often without the immense credit they deserve). 

To the Super Mom in your life, we recommend saying “thank you” with Sending Love, a beautiful, strong, vibrant selection as lovely as they are.

Sending Love

Whether the mom in your life is one of these, some of these, or none of these, they deserve all the celebrating they can get - this mother’s day, and every day. We’re delighted to help with the freshest flowers and the most stunning designs NYC has to offer.

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