Annick Goutal Nuit Et Confidences Fragrance Launch

Blue flowers are hard to come by. There are actually only a few natural blue flowers that are available all year round. Here they are (in case you’re wondering): Blue Hydrangea, Blue Muscari, Blue Delphinium, Blue Tweedia, and Blue Thistle – that’s about it. 

For this product launch we chose the blue hydrangea to compliment the blue faded bottle and dark blue poof ribbon on the top of the bottle. It was simple, timeless, and provided the pop of attention we were seeking. We even matched the vase to the gold hardware on the perfume bottle, which we thought was a nice touch as well!

Check out all of the PR gurus posting on Instagram about this delivery! It had a very high exposure rate and we couldn’t be more proud. The client, Annick Goutal enjoyed many writes-ups from New York's best editors. Big win for all!