Best Gifts to Accompany Your Valentine’s Day Bouquets This Year

People have been sending Valentine’s Day flowers to their loved ones as an expression of love and affection for centuries. They are a timeless and thoughtful way to show someone they are valued and appreciated, both on Valentine’s day, and every day of the lives you share together.

But, like a lot of things – movies and popcorn, wine and cheese, bagels and lox (or is that just New York?) – flowers can be even better when paired with other classically Valentine's day gifts. 

Here are a few of our favorite romantic flower gift pairings for Valentine’s Day:


  • Speciality Chocolate - Nothing says, “you’re my sweetie” like a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. Opt for small, specialty chocolate shops with quality chocolate options (hello truffles, nougats, and creams), or a selection of chocolatey favorites you know they love.
  • Greeting Cards - Sometimes, the best gift you can give someone is expressing how much they mean to you (“Words of Affirmation” is one of the most common love languages for a reason - amirite?). Spending time writing out a personal and thoughtful message or card to your significant other is a classic gesture of love and affection.
  • Romantic Experiences - Dedicating both time spent and time curating a romantic experience is a thoughtful gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Prepare a homemade candlelit dinner, book an afternoon at the spa, or a plan for a weekend getaway for experiential gifts they’ll love and appreciate. 
  • *Ahem, Jewelry - When classic is classic for a reason, giving the gift of jewelry is a timeless expression of your commitment and love on Valentine’s day. If you’re unsure what to get, visit a store you know they love, bring in a photo of one of their favorite pieces to share with a salesperson, or wait to bring your loved one with you to pick something out for themselves.
  • Personalized Gifts - Sentimental gifts are special because they mean you’re paying attention – not just on Valentine’s Day – but in the everyday of the life you share. Picture albums, custom-made artwork, keepsakes from shared memories, or items that are significant to your relationship can be a unique and special way to say, “You’re my person.”

When it comes to giving gifts alongside our beautiful flower arrangements, it’s worth noting that the best things are those that are personal and come from the heart. From all of us romance-lovers here at Julia Testa, we wish you and yours the very best Valentine’s Day.

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