Branded Showcase: Ciroc Product Launch

Ciroc has made a name for themselves by producing premium products in reimagined ways, making a collaboration with Julia Testa to promote their newest releases, effortless.

When designing for promotions, the Julia Testa designers consider the ways in which flowers can add to the overall first impressions of the products. They find inspiration in their collaboration and in the product itself, making a cohesive, on-brand display.

The Ciroc newest releases were Summer Colada, Blue Dot and French Brandy and the arrangements were designed not only to reflect the styles of bottles, but also the flavors within the vodkas. To create a seamless display, the Julia Testa team used a palette of blues, burgundies, creams, and ivories, all arranged to melt from one to the next, resulting in a perfect fade.

The effect of the collaboration was striking, creating a display worthy of the sincerest, “cheers.”


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