Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Zest Launch in Los Angeles

On May 17th 2018, Dolce and Gabbana hosted a beautiful rooftop event for their newest launch of the Light blue, Italian Zest fragrance. Covered in beautiful green foliage and lemons, The Nomad Hotel rooftop was sure a sight to see. The Julia Testa team was fortunate enough to be sent to Los Angeles to take part in the decor details of the space. 

Flying in with two days till the event, we got off the plane and headed straight through to the LA Flower district. It was our first ever visit and experience of the flower market. Boy was is it awesome. Compared to the busy NYC 28th street flower market, LA was luxury for us! There was a parking garage, dollar rental carts and the entire flower market was about four floors and entirely indoors. The selection was absolutely stunning! Not to mention the variety of plants blew our minds! After grabbing all the material we needed, we headed over to a nearby restaurant depo to get the best looking lemons we could possibly find, a total of 500 lemons to be exact.

Headed over to The Nomad Hotel where the event was being held and where we were staying for the next three days. Once we are all checked in, we got right to work! The launch itself was more of a cocktail party atmosphere so we designed all florals arrangements for all those tables. We had the honor to also help design the room for Dolce and Gabbana's welcome dinner, which is the night before the event. For that, we designed a long runner with different types of lush foliage and accents of lemons. 

The day of the event has arrived and the organizer from Italy wanted to have a morning meeting with our team to discuss further details. She was extremely inspiring with the way she discussed how she would like the space to come to fruition. With a lot of corporate events, there are mostly times where something may be added or changed. After meeting with our clients, we became in charge of the entrance display as well for when the guests walk in from the elevator. Off to the market again we go to grab some additional material for our entrance display! We headed over to the rooftop to start creating- there were numerous of other businesses on the job to get everything done- it was crunch time! We created a lush foliage garden display in tall glass cylinders on a beautiful rattan credenza and of course added in lemons to match everything throughout the space. After everything was done and approved, we had time to breath. It was amazing to see the rooftop as it was prior to everyone coming in and working together to make it such a lush stylist space. It was our first time in Los Angeles for an event and we were very honored and grateful for the opportunity.

Julia Testa