Everything You Need to Know About Flower Walls

If you’ve been on Instagram, ever, you know exactly what we mean by flower walls lush greenery, artistically-styled blooms, custom signageall working together to create the perfect photo-moment frame at an event, premier, or branded space.

Flower walls are custom-designed statement pieces built for businesses, brands, and individuals looking to inject vibrancy, style, and personality into their big moments. They’re growing in popularity, replacing “step and repeat” banners, and popping up alongside the floral installations that so often sweep the summer scene.

But, despite flower wall ubiquitousness, you might still have questions. And, fam, we have answers.

Why Use a Flower Wall?

Flower walls are used for a lot of reasons, but most can be summed up by crafting an eye-catching feature designed to draw attention, create a mood, or make a statement. 

These pieces can be found at weddings, product releases, high-profile events, in corporate spaces or at popular restaurants, shops, or venues. Flower walls can also be branded with everything from logos, to slogans, and last names, featuring custom Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), plexiglass, or plaque-style signage.

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Are Flower Walls Made from Real Flowers?

Flower walls can be made from real or everlasting silk flowers, depending on their intended use. Real flowers are the perfect solution for temporary installations, like single and multi-day events, conferences, or parties. 

Less temporary installations, like summer-long store features or corporate holiday season decor, are great occasions for everlasting flower walls. Everlasting or silk flowers are beautiful replicas of the “real thing,” creating stunning designs with a longer lifespan.

What Kind of Flowers are Used in Live Flower Walls?

Live flower walls are not only works of art, but they’re (excuse us for stating the obvious) made from living materials. This means that in order for a live flower wall to be a beautiful, vibrant, fresh success, certain considerations have to be taken when it comes to flower and plant choices.

The best flowers for live flower walls are those with hearty blooms and sturdy stems and leaves. You’ll often find varieties like roses, ferns, rosantha, calla lily, orchids, and nasturtiums woven together into stunning living wall designs, strong enough to be handled into works of art. 

On the other hand, delicate and soft blooming flowers like hydrangea, tulip, or anemone are difficult to use in live flower walls, and are therefore not often seen in real flower displays.

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How Much Do Flower Walls Cost?

Because they come in a wide-range of sizes and styles, flower walls are priced per square foot. This range typically falls between $125 - $175 per square foot, depending on the materials used and the complexity of the design. 

Logistically speaking, standard sizing is usually around, or in variables of 8ft x 8ft sections, as that is the largest size that can be successfully navigated through hall and doorways, and in most freight elevators.

Custom built signage is often incorporated into designs, adding on $300 - $500 up charge, on average.

How Do You Make a Flower Wall?

If you’re getting a Julia Testa flower wall, we’ll do the hard work for you. A collaboration begins with a consultation, and a custom design based on your unique brand, personality, or style goals. We’ll craft a complementary render of your flower wall, allowing you convenient insight into your design as it relates to your space or venue.

If you’re a DIY wiz, or just interested in a little “behind the scenes” intel on our building process, the first step of a flower wall (post-design phase) is the construction of a frame.

Two types of frames are common for flower walls, and the type of frame you select will be largely dependent on how it will interact with your space. A-line frames are most commonly used in situations where the flower wall will be featured in a corner, or when viewers will not have access to the back of the display.

Alternatively, flush designs can be incorporated into existing walls, creating seamless lines between the venue and the installation. 

Once the structure is built, Oasis wet floral foam is attached to the structure, creating a surface that will both support and sustain the living elements within the design. From this surface, pre-selected flowers, greenery, and plant varieties are cut, arranged, and displayed, blending together in a beautiful, eye-catching flower wall display. 

Viola! There you have it. Everything you need to know about flower walls. If you’d like to join the likes of Olay, Netflix, American Airlines, Microsoft, and Hilton Hotels (to name a few), reach out and schedule your floral wall consultation today!