Flowers are the Best Mother’s Day Gift for all Moms in Your Life

Mother’s Days are a special and cherished milestone in many people’s lives, and with lots of new and expecting moms this year, we know that there will be just as many nervous loved ones scouring the internet for the perfect first gift. 

If we’re describing you, then you’ve made it to the right place. Julia Testa arrangements will help you express the wonder and amazement at the new mom in your life, and are an inspired way to say, “I’m so grateful to be on this wild parenting ride with you,” or “You’re exactly the mother I knew you’d be.”

Our Mother’s Day delivery slots always fill up quickly. Due to the high demand we are expect this Mother’s Day, we recommend you place your order as soon as possible, and check our website banner for the latest updates.


Our Favorite Picks for New Moms

Mother of Pearl - for Amazing Moms of All Kinds

Orchids have long been a symbol of love, fertility, and elegance, making them a natural choice for celebrating all kinds of moms. In this absolutely stunning Mother of Pearl arrangement, white cascading orchids are paired with selections like  Peony, Roses, Amaryllis, Calla, and Tulips, depending on availability. Standing nearly 2 feet tall, this beauty is bound to stand up to the task of celebrating the new mom in your life. 


Baby Blue - For Boy Moms and Lovers of Blues

The bond between moms and their boys is special, so what better way to celebrate that bond than with a bouquet positively packed with baby blues and whites? This garden style arrangement is the perfect statement piece, making Baby Blue right at home in a nursery, on a kitchen countertop, or in any of the rooms around which life as a new parent revolves.


Sending Love - For Girl Moms and Lovers of All Things Pink

We love all kinds of girls and girl moms. Sending Love is an arrangement that celebrates the beauty of motherhood, blossoming with Callas, hydrangea, peony (may be substituted for Garden roses depending on availability), and orchids. It is vibrant and joyful and would fill the room with everything you love about the girls in your life this first Mother’s Day.


Theodora's Garden - For Gender-Neutral Moms and Lovers of Wonder

For the moms that don’t draw inside the lines of blue and pink, and prefer gender-neutral pieces, we’ve got our Best Seller: Theodora's Garden. This stunning arrangement is all about wonder and life, balancing a mix of al the best flowers including Calla, Peony, Hydrangea, Orchids, and Roses.