Google Pop Up Hardware Store

When you think of the tech company Google, innovation, imagination, and playfulness are among the many characteristics that come to mind. So when the company decided to open a pop-up hardware store in SoHo and tasked Julia Testa designs to deliver, the Testa team knew they couldn’t provide anything less than their best work.

Google decided to use a single color as design inspiration, choosing, “Not Pink,” to take precedence over the scheme. Taking “Not Pink,” a soft, dusty, muted version of the pink we know and love, Julia Testa brought Google’s vision to life. 

Using childlike whimsy, the designers adorned a full-sized tree house placed in the shop for the event, hanging dusty pink orchids, larkspur, stock, and spray roses upside down from philodendron plants. The effect transformed the space from a SoHo hardware store to a fantasy world in which anything is possible. To maintain the effect, Julia Testa exchanged the flowers throughout the day, keeping the display fresh and inviting.



Event Flowers


In addition to the treehouse, the Testa team decorated a vintage-inspired Google bicycle, filling the bike’s basket with a “Not Pink” flower arrangement, tying the whole event together. It was placed outside the store, and was loved by guests and passersby alike.

The Julia Testa designers would like to thank Google for the opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity and playfulness, crafting in such a beautiful and unique space. Until next year!