Gratitude: Our Two-Way Flower-Lined Alley

It’s often said that gratitude is best when shared, which has us thinking about reciprocal thanks (just in time for Thanksgiving). It’s a beautiful thing to feel grateful for others – an experience that can be amplified when the others for whom you are grateful are grateful for you in return. Like a two-way street.

We continuously walk this two-way street with you – our incredible customers and clients – with our rave reviews of serving you reflected in the kind words you share back with us. Every “thank you for your work” and “we couldn't have imagined a better outcome” is a gift to us that allows our team to continue to do what we do, every day. And for that, we think this two-way street is more like a two-way flower-lined alley – a path so full of magic and joy and gratitude that we can hardly believe we’re the ones who get to walk it.


This Thanksgiving week, we’d like to share some of our favorite reviews from customers who took the time out of their day to offer our team words of gratitude. In this, we’ll reflect on the impact we get to have on people’s lives and find inspiration for continuing to do it to the best of our abilities. In every order, in every event, and in every installation, we’re grateful to you.

Kind Words

“Julia Testa Designs did an amazing job for my daughter’s recent bridesmaid brunch in Soho. The floral arrangements for the table were elegant and sophisticated and just what we wanted. I ordered them over the phone with Joanna and she totally understood the vibe I was going for, and was extremely kind, accommodating, and responsive. Also very efficient. Would definitely use them in the future and would highly recommend this cool and talented floral designer! Thanks again! Xo”

 - Jolie S.

Events are some of our favorite projects, as we get to work intimately with people to bring their visions to life. Sometimes, all our customers know about their design is how they want it to feel, and other times, they know exactly what they want. In both scenarios, and all the variations in between, we get to exercise creativity and ingenuity to execute their ideas. In this, we also get to play a role in some of the biggest moments in people’s lives and work together to make those moments beautiful. If there’s a better job than that, we can’t think of it.


“Julia Testa!! Where do I begin? I had ordered a bridal bouquet for my wedding from another florist in the area, only to pick it up on my wedding day and [have] it be the opposite of what I asked for. And they were unwilling to work with me to fix it. We called Julia Testa and asked if they could turn around a bridal bouquet in under 3 hours, with a mix of greens, yellows, pinks, and oranges, and no roses. They then pulled together the most beautiful bouquet which truly made the photos. I’m forever grateful and cannot recommend Julia Testa enough!!!”

- Meredith N.

When we say we’re your partner in all things floral design, we mean it. It’s easy to think that what we do is “just flowers” but we know, we (and the arrangements we create) are so much more than that. We understand that a bouquet can be a symbol greater than the sum of its parts, representing the unity and promises you’re making with the person you love. In every request – even the wild, last-minute ones – we honor the magnitude of what flowers can be, and design accordingly. Because far be it from us to say that flowers can’t make or break a day.


“We utilized Julia Testa for a recent Google event and the floral arrangements were absolutely beautiful! Julia and her entire team were professional, responsive, and were able to easily and flawlessly execute our ‘Whimsical Spa’ floral direction. The floral arrangements definitely elevated our event and several event attendees positively commented on the beauty of the various arrangements.”

- Nia M.

The satisfaction we get from doing our job well is unlike anything else. But it gets even sweeter when it positively affects our customers and clients as well. We partner with businesses and brands to create moments of impact through events, mailers, installations, and more. In those partnerships, we help them make connections that extend well beyond first impressions, and into the relationships on which they build their success.


"I do not remember how I found Julia Testa, but I am thrilled that I did. Their arrangements are absolutely stunning. They keep you up-to-date on delivery status, confirm when the flowers have been delivered, & appreciate feedback (asking if there is any way they can improve). Julia Testa Florist delivers perfect arrangements- there is no room for improvement! The pride in their work and attention to every detail does not go unnoticed. I would 100% always recommend Julia Testa."

- Sandra G.

Sometimes, your words leave us with nothing better than to *sniffle* and say, "You just get us." We want to always be the team you can count on and absolutely take pride in striving for perfection. Of all things life inevitably throws your way, we want you to be able to depend on flowers.

From our biggest collaborations to the smallest details of your intimate moments, we’re grateful to be on this journey with you. Thank you for your continued support and patronage – we sincerely couldn’t do this without you.