Julia Testa + CB2 Modern Planters and Garden Pots Workshop

In May 2018, Julia Testa had the pleasure of collaborating with CB2 to teach on-site workshops at the Soho, Upper East Side and Paramus CB2 locations. This was exciting for us in having our staff get out into the world and teach others our knowledge of plants and how to care for them.

Event Flowers

We created a plant care and benefits guide for each attendee who came to CB2 for our workshop! Each individual had the opportunity to work with either a snake plant, aloe plant kimberly queen, maidenhair fern, lavender and sage plant. We wanted to divide it up in a way where people could choose less of a high-maintenance plant (snake/ aloe plant.), or a plant that needs a bit more love and care, for which the options were one of the two fern plants (kimberly queen/maidenhair.) The third option was for the herb lovers – the sage and lavender plants we provided.

Event Flowers

Our team had knowledgeable instructors on-site to speak about the fundamentals of caring for these plants and the specific benefits of the plants themselves, along with helpers to cater to every individual in case there were any questions or help they may need. The attendees had the benefit of also planting whichever plant they chose in their very own CB2 white ceramic with a gold marble design.

It was amazing to see everyone interacting with each other all for the love of plants. We are strong believers in having plants within your home, whether to give more oxygen to the space, to put yourself at ease, or to simply bring some life to your home. That day everyone was able to be educated a bit more on plants and were able to take one home with them.