The Customer Service Team at Julia Testa!

We couldn’t do the amazing work we do – adding color and vibrancy to special moments; curating significance and splendor in every bouquet, installation, and design; and breathing life into the everyday – without the truly incredible Julia Testa customer service team. Meet the people behind the phone calls and emails; the special deliveries; and the flower counters in Brooklyn and Soho – our Customer Services Team at Julia Testa.


About Maria: 

Growing up in North Carolina, Maria moved to New York on a whim after college. Once in the city, she secured a position in an advertising agency, but quickly determined that the office environment wasn’t for her. She craved creativity, inspiration, and a dynamic workplace – prompting a bit of job hopping before responding to an ad for a customer service position at Julia Testa.

Maria understood what working in flowers could be like, as growing up, her best friend’s mom had a small shop at which she regularly helped. Now, two and a half years later, Maria loves being a part of the Julia Testa team – how every day is an opportunity to be surrounded by art, to connect to people, and to help customers bring their visions to life.


About Molly: 

After graduating from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York in June, where they studied Chemistry and Chinese, Molly returned to the city and the family and close ties they have here. Getting a job in chemistry after college incited what Molly jokingly dubbed a “quarter-life crisis” realizing the career path they’d set out on might not be as linear as they’d originally imagined.

Previously enjoying customer service jobs, Molly sought a more people-facing, creative, and ever-changing work atmosphere than the chemistry position afforded, making their position at Julia Testa a perfect fit. As an artist outside work, Molly enjoys the inspiration and creativity of working in the floral industry – and being surrounded by passionate coworkers who feel the same.

About Joanna: 

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Joanna moved to New York City last August to finish her final year of art school at Parson’s School of Design. Outside of Parson’s, Joanna teaches street jazz and hip-hop dance classes, in addition to her job with Julia Testa. Her creativity and passion for the arts doesn’t stop there, for as a multi-media artist, she is also adept at painting, drawing, ceramics, and sculpture.

Since working at Julia Testa, Joanna has been captivated by the artistry of flowers (her senior thesis will be in floral installation) and the day-to-day inspiration that comes from working with people she loves, and regularly connecting with and helping customers. 

About Maciej:

Matiej “Matt” came to New York from Poland with his family in 2001. They sought greater financial and employment opportunities state-side, originally settling in Harlem, before moving to Brooklyn. With a background in math and exercise science, Matt worked an array of jobs, finding regular opportunities within the field of driving and delivery.

Matt came to Julia Testa after his workplace shutdown from the pandemic, finding a surprising amount of joy in delivering flowers. He describes the job as “calm” and loves that most people are happy and appreciative when receiving flowers. When he isn’t at work, Matt is training in mixed martial arts (MMA) and putting his exercise science degree to good use.


About Brandon:

Born and raised in New York City, Brandon has been around flowers his whole life. With his dad and uncle owning a floral franchise growing up, Brandon was regularly called upon to help in their shop. He wore all the store’s hats, including shop worker, manager, and delivery driver.

But, seeking to strike out on his own venture, and when life’s circumstances called for him to pursue additional work opportunities, he found the job with Julia Testa. He loves the opportunity to continue his career in the floral industry, and also to learn about all the nuances of running a successful business from Julia. He appreciates the every-day working environment and being a part of a hardworking team.


About Isabel:

Born in New York City and raised as a city-suburb-country hybrid, Isabel is a NYC girl through and through. Isabel is a singer and songwriter who writes and releases music as VELISE. She loves the ocean, long walks, dancing, and anything music related. Outside of music, she has experience in the NYC and Long Island restaurant and floral industries. She met Julia years ago at a trade show and it planted the seed for her to go get back into a flower shop. After applying once to no avail, Isabel reapplied years later and it was meant to be.

Isabel is now part of the customer service team and loves working alongside the powerhouse beings at Julia Testa. She is grateful that being a part of the team allows her to pursue her dreams of music, while being surrounded by so many inspirational artists and creators working in their crafts every day.

About Cassy:

 Originally from Oregon, Cassy's journey east began in high school, when she attended a boarding arts school for dance. After graduating, she moved to New York City to vigorously pursue her dance career. But, after sustaining an injury and consequently, burning out, Cassy sought something new to re-ignite the passionate parts of herself that dance once filled. Luckily, a friend of Cassy's was a florist and invited her to try her hand at floral design in her shop. She was quickly invigorated with the aspects of floral design that resembled the art of dance.

"You get to create a performance in every arrangement, and the flowers create lines, dance, and move just like they are on stage," she describes. "It is a transferrable art form that fills my soul in a familiar way." 

After a few years and a few different flower shops, Cassy decided it was time for her next challenge, and applied to Julia Testa – a job that pushes Cassy and continuously alights her passion. She is surrounded by the talent of kindness of the other team members, and is grateful to make flowers dance, every day.